European Report for September 2015

This month has been an unusual month in Europe. A lot has changed. First of Martin C is on longer on the board I personally will miss his input on the european committee. Ray also stepped down from service stating that he wanted to concentrate on the Intergroup for UK where he is the Chairman. Both will be missed. 

This month I have been in contact with UK Latvia Norway Sweden Germany Switzerland Hungary Russia Greenland Denmark Check republic

I’ve had long phone calls with Greece, Denmark Latvia Sweden and The Check Republic. I always welcome a talk with fellow travelars through Skype. So if anyone wants to call me, have a question please contact me at [email protected].

The Danes have placed their second order of literature BRBs Workbooks Meditation books in both Danish and English. The Danes are working together with H&I Joan and me to establish a H&I Committee in Denmark. To members from Denmark wrote to Joan separately having the same ideas and I have since connected them with one another. The Danish representative in WSO has decided to come to the ABC 2016 and has called me a few times asking for advice and experience. 

I know of a few more wanting to come both from Sweden and Latvia Germany and Finland. So Europe will be pressent in Fort Lauderdale ABC 2016 

Greenland has tried to register not one but two meetings on our webpage. And I’m very embarrassed to say that Greenland is not on our list of countries. I immediately asked our webmaster to look into this. And replied about literature and translations to the member writing me, in Danish of cause because Greenland used to be Danish.

Our European Committee still needs volunteers so if you want to serve please send me an email. Most of the frequently asked questions are about meetings translations how to grow the fellowship.

Every one can join us at our Skype call every first Saturday of the month at 14:00 CET. The Skype name is ACAEurope.

The UK Intergroup has said yes to forming a Region. But in light of Martin and Ray leaving the European Committee I do not know what will happen with that. 

Please see the minutes from our Skype meeting in the Repository

Germany has formed an Intergroup the same with Latvia who also are on their way with translating the BRB. On my call with the Latvian Chairman of translation I shared my experiences in working on Danish National  board of ACA and the issues involving translations.

I’m very impressed with how the fellowship is growing and members starting to get involved in service. It has become more and more important to have a service structure in place. And I’m happy to see the fruit of all the work we are doing.

Respectfully submitted

Majbrit M