Agenda for October 2018

Monthly EC Teleconference

Saturday November 3rd 14:00 CET 


Meeting commenced 14.03


A.  Call to Order:  Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear.  Please put yourself on mute when you’re not speaking.  When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

1)  Open with the Serenity Prayer


2)  Tradition of the Month – November – our public relations policy is based on anonymity ….. 


B.  Roll Call of European Countries:  

Chair of TC – Jeffrey F – Literature & Finance sub-committee

European Committee:

Tanya M – Secretary 

Majbrit – EC Chair & WSO Board Member – apologies

Charlie C – EC & WSO Chair of Literature – apologies

WSO members present:

Guests please introduce yourselves:

Kaadri-Liisa – Estonia

Marc – NL CR & Translation Chair NL & Belgium

Frederik – Sweden IG – Chair ABC 2019 Host Committee

Roll Call of Country Representatives & Guests:

Reminder Non-committee members are welcome to listen to this teleconference but are requested to remain silent unless asked to participate. We respectfully request that guests hold their questions and comments until later in the call when we open it up for discussion. If someone needs to talk further, arrangements can be made after the end of the call.


When the call is opened for discussion, this will be your chance to have direct contact with members of the EC committee WSO and ask questions about anything related to our fellowship such as service structures, translations, literature, etc.

Secretary – from email reminder:

* Minutes of last EC TC meeting –

* December’s meeting to be delayed until Sat 8th at 14.00 – please note

* Recent events – sharing your successes with events, literature sales & fellowship growth inspires everyone else

* 2109 ABC & AWC – Annual Business Conference & Annual World Convention in Sweden – see

Groups and individuals are invited to register interest ASAP to help the Swedish organizers plan for conference rooms, hotel rooms and for local fellowship to host people in their homes

* 2019 Ballot Proposals are due November 30th – please advise your fellowship –

* Monthly ACA Traveler is now available – please distribute to your fellowship –

* EC Website – – Your 2019 events can be posted here too to invite others to come and do service

* WSO Strategic Planning is just finishing – we will hear about it in December

* .EC Regional Service Meeting Nov 30/Dec 1st in Bratislava.  Local countries are invited to attend & meet with the European Committee – issues with translations, service structures, literature can be discussed.  We are here to help.

* Daily Affirmation – see on PATIENCE!  (link broken)

Jeffrey – attended Russian Annual Conference in Moscow – now grown to be held in a hotel & well-organized.

Service and positions growing and good rotation of roles.

Professionally managed 2 track event with presentations in auditorium and Step meetings  in separate rooms

Wherever you were in your recovery, you had choice

Jeffrey spoke on Unity – language didn’t matter as it was translated.

Approx 250 Russians & Belorussians were present from more than 30 cities across the Russian speaking fellowship attended, more than 10% of which were newcomers. 

And this is a fellowship which has only had its BRB for one year!

Literature – Jeffrey met with 3 service workers who look after storage and their fellowship is growing so quickly that they need more infrastructure and support. 
They sell 100 BRBs/month.  

Now getting ready to produce Russian YWB.  Design & layout and printing will probably be done before end of year.

Probably selling 2000 pieces/year This is a great development in that fellowship.

EC keen to see Swedish YWB for 2019 ACA/ABC

Also Danish Meditation Book coming along.

SUCCESSES from everyone!  

Frederik – Sweden 2019 ABC/AWC update

Website live –

30 registrations so far – mostly for both ABC/AWC for 4-5 nights at hotel

Website is growing – keep watching!

Planning to release food and accommodation options in about 2-3 weeks

Program is being built – want to invite people keen to do workshops at ABC to write to [email protected]

Country meetings – Sweden are offering 1 meeting room/country attending to have own language so PLEASE IGs indicate ASAP roughly how many from your IG/country might be thinking to come – eg 8 or 20 – 40 

Service – Many people around the world have offered service but need more … 

[email protected]

J suggested identifying specific areas of service required – skills needed and time commitment as people attending won’t mind to assist in some way.  This may attract more people to commit …

ABC – you can decide to attend the day before but organizers really prefer to know in advance

No charge to attend ABC if you’re representing a group 

However hotel accommodation is paid in advance.

AWC registrations – 

295 double hotel rooms are set aside for ACA Convention but 2 months prior in Feb they’ll release them.

Frederick will provide updates monthly and advises when close to full.

Costs are approximately – 

Single – 70E/night incl. breakfast

Double – 88E to share including breakfast and share with your preferred person or male/female (ie 44E per person)

Sweden host committee really really really would appreciate countries/delegates intentions to attend so they can organize the meeting rooms

Eg – Germany IG – approx 8 people or 20-40 people .. 

Registrations are for people who are committing and paying in advance.

Information about cheaper accommodation and local hosts will also be provided soon.

If you wait to decide 4 weeks prior these will probably be taken so REGISTER/ask for help now!

Send an email if you need help

Have plenty of big convention rooms – can take up to 1000 people

Facebook group for all who register to get to know people before – introduction site only

This will be released also in a couple of weeks & is not for questions

Next week they will hold their ABC bi-annual service conference in Gothenburg – Fri-Sun

Marc re NL/Belgium

Retreat in Voeren huge success with lots of connections with 70 day visitors alone on Sat;

People came from UK and all over Europe.

Marc attended the UK meeting and with another fellow has started an ACA WhatsApp Practice group – 

All are welcome – contact Marc Sunday Amsterdam meeting Group Representative (GR)

On  +31 651 581 833

The purpose of this WhatsApp group is practice of recovery using weekly topics and a week of reflection

Eg current topic is Bill W’s Emotional Sobriety and 11th Step Prayer

NL IG will provide report on the event after next IG meeting on 24th November.

UK – no report yet from IG however EC attended and there were people representing 23 different languages.  EC spoke for 30 mins about the service of European Committee – you can see this flyer on the European Channel of Slack & soon on the EC website at

KL/Estonia – visited Poland and saw how groups use Friends of Recovery.

Jeffrey’s response regarding Literature – knows this book very well and used it for 16 of 20 years in meetings in Prague until ACA literature was published then found BRB much more effective.

Many people realize that Friends of Recovery is good for beginners and 

Soon a smaller version of BRB will be created by WSO but after 1-2 years you want to do the Steps and be serious about Recovery, you need something deeper and harder.

The reason you see that in Poland is that they don’t have ACA literature in Polish yet.

It’s coming …

Translation Committee will be starting soon – keep watching for the announcement.

Marc re Sponsor group – still interested … Secretary pointed him to the General channel on Slack to ask to join that group.  ANYONE wishing to do service at WSO level can simply ASK to join what interests them.

Upcoming events to put in your diaries:

  • Nov 30/Dec 1 – Regional Service Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • March 29-31 1st German Speaking National ACA Convention in Karlsruhe
  • UK ACA Convention – 26 October

Motion to close meeting at 14.48

Closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

NEXT MEETING:  SATURDAY 8th December at  14.00 CEST