The European Committee Report for December 2017
We would like anyone to come join us on our Skype call every 1st Saturday of the month.
Next time is the 6. of January at 14:00 CET
More information:

Mission Statement of WSO/EC: Aca creates a safe welcoming fellowship for those who suffer from childhood trauma giving them tools to heal

12. Tradition: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to put principals before personalities.

Belgic retreat from the 9 to the 12 of Nov. Voeren, Hostel is situated in a beautiful medieval town of Voeren St Martin. The Hostel is a modern facility, and we had it all to our selves. The program was very varied and ran consecutive with an International and local speaking meetings. The theme was from Hurting to Healing to Helping.
If memory serves me right there were about 60 -75 participants and 13 countries represented. I have yet to receive a report from the Dutch IG who was the ones hosting the retreat.

Meetings – 2 English, 1 Czech, 1 Slovak Skype
What’s working;  It seems that doing service might be – 9 attended our Friday meeting when usually the numbers are 3 to 6!
What’s challenging – service & intergroup structure.
Solution – 1) ask EC CRs for experience + help
2) speak about benefits of service at meetings, in communications and at the upcoming retreat
History/growth/local websites – just being updated on the ACAWSOEC Czech page
Literature being used – BRB, Yellow Book and Laundry List, reader + pamphlets
Translation – will be addressed at retreat/business meeting
Last event – English group 2016 Laundry List workshop as part of Czech/Slovak bi-annual retreat
Next event – Combined 2017 English/Czech weekend/recovery retreat – 150kc to attend Fri evening/Sat + Sun morning.
ACA 40th anniversary – no action yet.

English ACA just held their monthly business meeting (first Friday of the month).  Our agenda includes:
* Treasurer’s Report
* Literature Orders & fundraising to support imminent country Intergroup
* Rent & being responsible/paying what is worth
* Donations to WSO before the end of Dec for annual reporting
* Upcoming ACA retreat Dec 8-10th –

HELP – which ACA country has an existing Service Structure/Procedure Manual that could be shared?  Please could you include this in your update and post to the webmaster (we will shortly provide a procedure of how to to do this)

Best wishes for a delightful December in recovery.

We have 10 groups: 8 face to face meetings and two online meetings via Skype. 9 out of 10 groups are in Latvian and one is in Russian. We hope that BRB in Russian will help our fellowship to grow because most can’t read in English well but know Russian quite well. The very least it will help our Russian speaking members who were struggling with maintaining their meeting.

Fellowship of Latvia has their own intergroup. Our intergroup meets 6 times a year. We have mixed meeting – face to face and at the same time in Skype for those who live in other towns or can’t come to meeting physically. We usually have 7-11 people attending intergroup meetings – representatives from different groups and trusted servants who serve on intergroup level. Such as Secretary who is also responsible for answering e-mails and calls, Treasurer, Website administrator, Event organizer, Servant who is responsible for carrying the ACA message, Literature and translations coordinator, Representative to EC and WSO and technical support – servant who sets up Skype, speakers, microphone and makes the call.
We have our own ACA website – It is in three languages – Latvian, Russian and a little bit in English.

Twice a year we hold ACA events – Conference in February or March and Summer Retreat in July. In Conference we have meetings and a party in the evening to celebrate our Fellowship’s birthday which is in February. We usually have 45-70 people attending from Latvia and other European Countries. These events help us connect with one another and strengthen our Fellowship.
Linda Latvia

Otherwise we are making slow but steady progress – the group in Bucharest has added also one extra hour for the new members – so at 17:30 we have this slot for catching-up and then from 18:30 until 20:00 is the regular meeting…we are just beginning Step 4. In the city of Cluj (north-west of Romania, in Transylvania) they are just beginning a second group, one will be Saturday at 10 am and other one Monday at 19:00, both of them in a clinics space. We also have Monday from 21:00 the online group for everybody from everywhere on the zoom platform.  We have the secret FB group that counts in total 95 members from all over Romania. Otherwise, the fellow-travelers in the two cities are also meeting themselves in subgroups for socializing and different extracurricular activities. We kind of translated a rough version of the 12 steps ACA program and the meeting format including the reading materials that are going with it for internal groups working purposes…

hope everything is alright with you, keep in touch
warm greetings,
Bucharest, Romania

For further information please see the December minutes

December was slow in terms of contacts with ACAs in Europe, but I was in contact with Sweden, Norway, UK, Poland, Spain. Questions varied from Please help me find a sponsor to preparing for events to gratitude for the program and our services

With Gratitude
Majbrit M
Trusted Servant