You may notice a slightly different look to the financials because we are now rounding the numbers off to make them easier to read. 

To get to the specifics, the Balance Sheet for last month has changed little. 

The Profit and Loss Statement explains that for the month of November, sales, less cost of goods sold, were about $29,500.  This figure does not include what was collected and paid for shipping. The Distribution Center income after expenses was $13,647. 

Our second cost center, which covers income and expenses not related to the Distribution Center, shows 7th Tradition contributions of $6,025. Specific November’s contributions are shown under the Donations tab in the left margin of the Repository.  Audio book sales were $1,039 and eBook sales were $2,795. After expenses, this cost center had a net balance of $4,977. Reflected in this balance is a net credit of $2,360 for the cancellation of hotel arrangements for the Board’s Strategic Planning meeting held last week. Less expensive accommodations were found and will be shown in the December financials. Overall, the net income for November was $18,623. 

Regarding the Finance Committee, I welcome Jeffrey from Prague as a member.  We have yet to have a meeting, but that should happen soon.

If anyone has questions, they can contact me at [email protected].

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

Treasurer and Board Trustee