TREASURER’S REPORT:  The Financials for May are as follows:

The Balance Sheet shows overall Net Assets of $609,321. This includes both tangible and intangible assets, that latter of which includes the website. 

May’s Profit and Loss Statement shows a net loss of $210.  This was primarily due to the cost of the Annual Business Conference.  Please note that the Distribution Center (DC) sales figure of $53,424 are not actually just the sales of our literature – it includes $9,981 in shipping and handling that was collected.  In the expense section for the DC, there is an offsetting Freight Out figure of $10,550. 

For a list of 7th Tradition contributions, which totaled $5,558 for May, click on the Donations tab under the Treasurer’s Report menu item. 

FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Members Bill D., Jeffrey F., Melani M., and Mary Jo L., Treasurer

We welcomed a new Committee Member, Melani M., from Tennessee. Her Accounting background will be extremely helpful. 

We have been bringing Melani up to speed and we primarily have been working on reconciling the 2015 budget and preparing the new budget.  The 2016 budget was delayed because we didn’t have a committee during the months last year when the new budget would have been prepared.  This process gets more involved each year because WSO keeps growing.  We hope to have it ready for the Board very soon. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer