H O S T S   S E L E C T E D
The Strengthening Our Recovery and Sunday Night Red Book ACA groups of San Diego have been selected to host the Annual Business Conference (ABC) and the 2nd Annual ACA World Convention (AWC) during April 20-23, 2017 in San Diego, California.   
The theme of this year’s convention is “Talk, Trust, Feel” and is being held in California where the WSO first began and still has its office.  
If you have questions, please call the WSO telephone line at (310) 534-1815.  We will return you call as soon as possible.  You can also check here for periodic updates www.acaworldconvention.org
Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you in San Diego!!
ABC/AWC Committee

H O T E L    S E L E C T E D

The hotel has been selected for the 2017 ABC/AWC.  It will held at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego. The contract was signed recently and reservations are now being taken.

T H E M E   S E L E C T E D

The theme for the 2017 AWC has been chosen as well. It is “Talk, Trust, Feel”. We are excited about the possibilities for recovery this opens for all ACAs.

A G E N D A   A N D   P R O G R A M

Over the next few months we will be working on the agenda and program of the ABC and AWC and making recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

B A L L O T    P R O P O SA L S

The Ballot Proposal process has been completed and the Ballot Committee has received the group proposals. I will leave the details to Committee Chair Tom R to provide in his report.

We hope everyone will come to beautiful San Diego and enjoy what promises to be an exciting ABC and ACA World Convention!

As always we are looking to expand our ABC family and add more hands to help do the work. Please email me at [email protected] or reach out to me on Slack, and let me know you would like to get involved with Member and Public Service work!


With love for service,

Bill D., Chair

ABC Committee

I n v i ta t i o n   t o   h o s t   t h e   2 0 1 8   A B C/A W C

The invitations to apply to host the 2018 ABC/AWC outside the US have just been sent out to international meeting contacts. We anticipate it being a lengthy process and therefore are starting earlier than usual. Please let us know if your group did not receive the invitation to host the 2018 ABC/AWC.