WSO Website and Database Committee report presented at the May 2017 Meeting

  • The Database and Website Committee meets quarterly. The next meeting will be held the third Saturday in May on the 20th 2017 at 2pm.
  • Attended an amazing ABC and felt the energy of the ACA Family, welcomed people interested in helping the website committee.
  • Helped resolve issues with Shipping codes being different between Warepak and the shopping cart
  • Implemented a Max weight for Media Mail shipping to reduce problems that occur with large orders
  • Verified FTP access to our web servers to help upload files
  • Removed the new Releases section of the Shopping Cart as people were seeing the Spanish Big Red Book first and buying it by mistake.
  • Setup new Board members on the repository and project management site

The following shows monthly trends for users accessing the website. Figures for April:

  • 51,735 User Sessions in April down from 57,036 in March
  • 36,463 Unique users down from 40,369
  • 104,772 page views, down from 115,044
  • The bounce rate (users leaving the site immediately) was 63.46%, down from 63.46%

The pages accessed the most often were

    • Laundry List – 20,480 views, 19.55% of the total page views
    • Find a meeting – 8,027 views (7.66%)
    • Find a meeting Search results 5,318 views (5.08%)
    • Literature – 4.276 (4.08%)
    •  The Problem – 3,744 views (3.57%)

Users continue to come from across the globe with the top 5 session counts from:

    • United States – 83% of users
    • Canada – 3.9%
    • United Kingdom – 3.5%
    • Australia – 1.6%
    • India– 0.6%