European Committee Report for June 2017

This month we have been in contact with, Spain, We are in the final stages of planning the program for the 4th annual European Event, which will taking place on the 16th of September in the Center of Madrid.


C/Carretas, 14- 3, 28012 Madrid, Spain

The Program will be up on our European Committee website very soon. Further information can be found on www.acawsoec.comas so can all other informations about events.

Norway; I attended a very beautiful ACA event in Oslo this month. There had been great conflict in the Norwegian fellowship because of ACA out patients from a treatment facility in Oslo, where the ACAs were told that they could share anything. The members of ACA in Oslo were intimidated by this group of members and felt  threaten by these members.  So it was with great anticipation that I arrived by ferry from Denmark into the long and peaceful Oslo fjord. The weather showed itself in the best way possible 30c and sunshine. I was met by a member og the IG and was lead to a nice hotel, I was told that I was their guest and that they would take care of me over the weekend.  The next morning we went to the venue, an I was very impressed with the tone of voice amongst the volunteers and the efficiency from the how the recovery day was run.

This month I followed up with Sweden that have invited me to their National Recovery Day on the 20th of October.  The Netherlands has  their Recovery Weekend from the 10 – 12th  of November, where I have been invited. The Belarus  has their event at the 27th of July.

New European Events can be seen on our website www.acawsoec.comeither on the front page or under the countries own page

I also had contact with Germany, Denmark, the UK. Greece, Latvia, Russia and Poland