European Report for Nov. 2014

ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. If you are interested and wish to do service from a space of love, please contact the European Committee by using the Contact Us link on the website.

This Month I have been in Beautiful Nashville to a F2F meeting. It has given me hope in solving two of the main questions for Europe, the question of shipment fee and communication between the european contries. The board is looking into the possibilities of doing print on demand without having to loose the income from the revenue of we get from selling our books.


I have invited Ray (Scotland) to join me at the European committee and he has accepted this challenge. I’m Thankful for this. Ray will be helping me setting up a european teleconference once a month to establish contact to the european countries, the purpose of this being getting a stronger fellowship, discussing matters concerning Europe, from my perspective, to get to know where and how I can try to meet the needs from our fellow travelers.

This month I’ve been in contact with Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Latvia and the U.K

I’ve made room for my monthly report on the Danish ACA website and are in the proces of sending the report to the 74 email adresses I have on my list.

I’m also going to address a letter from Finland I got this month having talked to the board about this in Nashville.

Our fellowship in Denmark has mayor problems in our service structure preventing us from ordering books (we have 150 BRB and 120 yellow workbooks in stock). We are working feverishly to try and fix this. Otherwise our fellowship is growing steady and fast. So the future looks good.

This concludes my report.

Thanks for letting me do service

Majbrit M (DK)