The European Committee Report for November 2017
We would like anyone to come join us on our Skype call every 1st Saturday of the month.
Next time is the 2. of December at 14:00 CET
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Mission Statement of WSO/EC: Aca creates a safe welcoming fellowship for those who suffer from childhood trauma giving them tools to heal

This month we changed the European Conference to become more interactive with it’s members. We had to countries, that could not attend the European Meeting in Madrid last month, do their country reports. Please see the minutes for October in the Repository.

The EC continues to support the various service structures the best way possible. Sometime things occur the we have never experiences before and sometimes this issues requires the attention of a full board. I might be policies that has to be written for new partnerships with local ACA fellowships. Or it might be new objectives that we need to address. Thus we had to counsel the German fellowship this month in Partnership with translations. We are working towards new procedures to insure more clarity.

I attended what best can be described a mini ABC/AWC in Sweden 2 days after the board strategic planning meeting in Florida. I stepped of the plane in Stockholm on a clear cold autumn day. Having lived in Sweden for 8 years it felt like coming home, but I still miscalculated the distance. My plane was bound for Copenhagen, but after a recheck of the distance between CPH and Karlstad (a 6,5 hour train ride from Copenhagen) I got my luggages off of the plane and went by buss 4 hours to Karlstad.

I was met by a fellow traveler who graciously put me up for the whole stay. This being my first time at a RIGSMÖTE in Sweden I didn’t have any expectations. I was asked to speak about the European Committee, the story of my services in ACA and to attend a five hour business meeting.
Friday afternoon I helped out at the venue and met up with the host committee and the Chair of the IG of Sweden. Members kept showing up and my gut was telling me; “This is going to be awesome”. Members of the IG in Oslo showed up from Norway. Members from al parts of Sweden showed up as well. Finnish members as well.
Sweden has around 60 meetings spread through out the country (the length of Sweden is that of the distance from Copenhagen (DK) to Rom (Italy) The Friday night was different speaker meetings with high focus of recovery from our BRB. Most people read English in Sweden.

Saturday morning we all gathered in the big conference room, the level of high tech organization and professionalism was astounding to me. As I spoke about what I do, the importance of translations of our literature for spiritual growth. I was met with love, appreciation and understanding as if someone really understood where we were coming from.

The program was an interesting mixture of meditations, topics, speaker meetings and gatherings run parallel with the business meeting in the afternoon of Saturday. The curtesy and civil tone and respect among the “delegates” ,”or groups representatives was making sure that everyone was heard before making a diction was welcoming and warmed my heart.

Saturday night there were amazing entertainment and the night ended with a light meeting (100 small live candle lights forming a sun in the middle of the room.
Sunday started with a meditation and more speaker meetings. I had to leave before it was all over because I needed to make my 8,5 hour train ride back home.

I have a lot of grateful emails from member who attended. And will continue to work with the Swedish IG as they will submit an application for the ABC 2019.

Other country reports:

CZ/SK/ENG groups have been inspired by Spain and a meeting is being amalgamated on Dec 8/9/10th?
The 3 groups will come together and have allocated time to discuss an integrated Intergroup Service Structure.
English part on Saturday will have a workshop on the Laundry List.
A fellowship evening will follow.
IF ACA members from other countries are interested to come to beautiful Prague, reasonable accommodation is available at the venue and all around.
Sunday may be fellowship and a walking tour of Prague.
We have drafted our history of ACA for the EC website.
An English Laundry List meeting is being formulated at European friendly times – looking for 2 sponsors to lead this at either lunchtime or evening (whenever 2 sponsors could be available)as there are many ACAs indicating they want to continue recovery.
This may be through In the Rooms or on Skype.
Please contact Tanya on email [email protected]
Wishing you all a warm and cosy autumn.
Tanya in service Czech Republic

Jim R chair of the ABC committee was attending our meeting again and Fredrik chair of the Swedish IG Please see the minutes of Oct.

I have had contact with Uk, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland this month the general questions was mostly about setting boundaries through our traditions.

Majbrit M
Trusted Servant