The European Committee report for July 2015

We would like anyone to come join us on our Skype call every first Saturday of the month.

Next time is the 2nd of September at 14:00 CET

The fellowship in Europe is still growing. New meetings in; Düsseldorf, Germany. Geneva, Switzerland. Lights on in Monaco. A new Intergroup is forming in Madrid, Spain.

There are conventions in Hungary, please see and in Finland this month:

Moscaw also have an event the 3rd of October, for informatiom please contact; Denis at [email protected]


Other then that I’ve been in contact with Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, The Check Republic, and Spain.

We still do not have a process in place for taking care of the orders from the intergroups getting them their 30% discount. But we’re working very hard on this.

July has been very busy for me reading up on emails from the office. This has taken away time from my work at the European Committee. But what it really shows is that we need board members/trustees and volunteers. This month I went to the Distribution Center (DC) in LA. Having had a first look at the facilities and how the Staff works, I got a good impression on how things work. 

The knowledge of how the DC works will come in handy opening a potential fulfillment center in Europe.

Regarding the things discussed at the European Committee monthly Teleconference please see the minutes from the 1st. of Aug. on the repository.

This concludes my report for this month.


Majbrit M, DK

Chair of the European Committee