European Committee  Report for August 2019

The past month the EC planning committee have had working sessions every week, to discuss service positions and procedures for how to work together as a much larger committee than ever before. The ambiance is really good, people are eager to learn and step by step we have gotten closer to determine how the EC can carry the message and support the efforts though out Europe. At the monthly EC teleconference the planing committee have presented their findings to the European fellowship, and minutes from every working session have been posted as part of a complete transparency. The people who have stepped up to become the Interim Executive Committee has shared their visions and service experiences, from their local countries  with the purpose of having an election on September 7. 

Service positions of the Interim EC in question were:

Vice Chair (becoming the chair by my rotating off in April)   Fredrik SWE

Second Vice Chair to become the VC at the same time.            Mikkel DEN

Treasurer                                                                                         Veronica CHE

Secretary                                                                                           Jeanette SWE

Literature Chair                                                              (Open)  Majbrit    DEN

Literature Vice Chair                                                                     Marc          NL

Webmaster                                                                                      Marjo       FIN

Vice webmaster                                                                              Markus   SWE

Service Sponsor Coordinator                                                       Päivi         FIN

Country Representatives to be elected in their local country

The final elections of a more permanent European Committee will be ratified in January, members have until mid November to hand in their wish for a service position. This will give the Interim Executive Committee a chance to vet them and also to have the incoming Chair of the EC apply for the WSO board of Trustees. The Chair of the EC needs to be a WSO trustee because the EC is a large outreach budget and is a standing committee.

We also produced a document on who is eligible to vote on the EC monthly Teleconference, and the requirements are mainly that in order to vote, you need to have a group conscious behind you, either as a country representative, IG rep, or representing a meeting. The last because there are countries out there, who only have meetings and no IG’s or Regions.

We are also creating an Excel document with the different job descriptions, the procedures used by the former EC (but spelled out and split into different areas of responsibility, )and who to report too and/or CC in their communication. This might be the EC on boarding document that people access when moving into their new positions. It all has to be approved by the EC committee before use. 

In the coming weeks/months we will train and hand over the tasks individually to new people, so that the European Committee may continue to connect fellowships and carry the message through out Europe, and providing new ACA countries with a Service Sponsor, to help them understand our Traditions, Concepts and support them in building up their Service structure in a efficient way. This will shorten their process and make them feel safe, because they have a “GO to” person designated to their country. We know this works because the EC started doing this proactive service 3 years ago. It is also our experience that where fellowships are struggling to complete their translations or grow their fellowships, it is because there are too many interpretations of The Traditions and The Concepts.

The elections of the officers of the EC can be seen in the Minutes of EC TC Sep 7 posted on the WSO website. These new elected service positions will over time have their own ACA email addresses, so be have a busy time ahead of us.

ACA events through in Europe can be seen at the website, right now we have the Dutch event coming up in Voeren Sep 20-22, the Russian event Oct. 5th

Other countries that the EC have been in contact with are: Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain.

Do you have questions or interest in serving the European Committee please feel free to contact us at:

This concludes my report for August

Respectfully submitted

Majbrit M. DEN