Minutes from September 11, 2019

European Committee Working Session (EC TC)

Time: 19:30 CET



    A. Chair invites our higher power and opens the meeting

B. Members of the Interim European Committee 

Present: Chair, Vice Chair, Internet, Vice internet, Vice Translation, secretary
Absent: Mikkel

C. Approval of minutes from our last meeting

Motion to table to the next meeting: chair
Second: Vice chair

D. Returning business

Chair reported how the work with writing down the routines for service in EC/EC for a smooth transition to the new committee. We will have a document pretty soon.

E. Tabled business

There was no tabled business.

F. New business
Anyone can write to the secretary at least 3 days in advance of the following EC 

Teleconference to have an item added to the agenda. The(se) item(s) will appear here:

  1. 1.Specific concurrence – what is it?Is a way to discuss business outside of the working sessions, this means if someone suggests something, but it hasn’t been looked enough into, (pros and cons) a channel will be set up for discussion for this specific purpose of finding agreement. When the agreement has been made the SC becomes a motion (with a background) to vote on, either at a working session ( it will then be read into the minutes at the monthly call or at the EC TC monthly for a larger group of people. When a motion has been made the SC channel on Slack will be archived by the Admin. This will make our work easier as well ass efficient.  It was agreed to try it out.
  2. 2.ZOHO – our working tool?
    https://www.zoho.com/projects/project-management-tools.htmlShould we use Zoho as a tool and cloud computing service? Zoho is similar to google docs but have a couple of functions that makes it fast to use and is connected to slack.
    Move to look at the tool to our next meeting and give feedback: Chair.
    Second: Mark 
  3. 3.Board norms – see attachmentWe discussed the board norms and agreed it is very good guidelines for the work of our committee. We all agreed that we need to read it, learn it and use it when needed in our working group.
  4. 4.Email addressesWe should have email addresses to our service positions in the committee. It is still ongoing because Majbrit needs board approval.                                                                             Motion to table the question to next meeting: Chair
    Second: Mark
  5. 5.How often should we have business meetings?

    A suggestion is to meet twice a month. Separately from that  Majbrit will meet up with the individuals, that need training, comm chairs like Literature, Service Sponsor Coordinator (SSC), treasurer.
    Motion to make a doodle to see when we can have meetings: Chair
    Second: Vice Internet
  6. 6.Admin for slackWe need  WSO board approval for admin access to Slack, this is the first time we have trustees, Who are not board members on the EC. M will discuss with the board/webmaster Tabled to the next meeting.

    Chair will rename the planning channel to “EC interim” and take people who is not officers off of the interim committee. 

K. Next meeting

Vice Chair will create a doodle to decide the date and time for our next meeting. Fill in green for your first choice, yellow when you can participate even though it is not preferable and empty if it is a time you cannot participate. Fill in as many as you possible can since that will make it easier for us to set day and time. 

J. Motion to close the meeting
Second: Vice Internet

Close with ACA Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant Me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change

The courage to change the one I can

And the wisdom to know that one is me

(From Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (BRB), Chapter 14)