Minutes from MPS Committee Meeting November 15, 2017

Chair, Bill D called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. PST/ 2 p.m. EST

Roll Call of MPS Members Present: Bill D., Carole C., David McB., Jay M., Laura L.

The minutes for October were moved for approval by Carole and seconded by Laura. Approved.

The search for a paid special worker for the MPS Committee was expanded to include a remote worker as it seems none of the local applicants either had the desired experience with software programs or time in the program that the MPS Special Worker position requires.

Sub-Committee Reports:

H&I Report – Chair – Jay M. reported that he had sent out invites to confirm membership on the H&I Committee. He received 1 response. He will join the upcoming region call and work with Laura on her outreach to the intergroups in the region. He is looking forward to the Special Worker being hired in order to facilitate this work more efficiently.

Public Information Report: 

Therapists have been writing in requesting the literature WSO will provide to those who request it who work with Adult Children. Many orders have been filled this month already. Word is spreadng and many members are hearing about it through The Traveler article.

Carole moved that WSO pay to have the PSA professionally produced and David seconded. It was approved and will be sent to the WSO Board for approval. The committee approved the PSA scripts as submitted. 

A radio station in Mission Viejo has requested 4 ACA members to come after the first of the year and participate in an interview that will be recorded and played at a later date as well as streamed on the web. Carole and Jay both expressed an interest in being a part of the panel and will confirm the dates they plan to travel into the area.

The group working on lists of local radio stations from Intergroups did not have a report.

InterGroups Report – Chair – Bonnie M – No report

Regions Report – Chair – Laura – Region development is continuing in a few areas inside and outside the US.

The Traveler Newsletter – Bill reported that second issue of The Traveler had been sent out. The subscriber list has grown beyond the 2,500 mark and requires an upgrade in the subscription plan.

Virtual/telephone Meetings Report – David McB reported that things were better with the Virtual meetings and discussed the sub-committee was still working on guidelines for telephone meetings who wish to be listed on the WSO website.

Old Business:

Brochure for AA members– the brochure continues to get reviews where it is being tested. 

Next month’s meeting will be December 20, 2017 @ 11:00 a.m. Pacific/ 2:00 p.m. Eastern

Adjourned the meeting at 3:10pm EST

Minutes submitted by Bill D.

Anyone interested in serving on the MPS Committee or one of its subcommittees can send an email to Bill D. at [email protected]