Dear Fellow ACA Members,

Treasurer’s Report

The good news is that the literature sales have increased slightly as inventory has been more consistently kept in stock in both our shopping cart and on the Amazon channels. We have not had to raise prices and in fact are hoping to lower them by ordering larger quantities of books since our new warehouse can hold twice as many books as the old one could. We are maintaining the lowest selling prices of our books on Amazon and no one has to get gouged as was happening frequently before we started selling there.

The bad news is that our group and meeting contributions are not increasing proportionately with the increase in meetings. We are remaining at contribution levels from more than two years ago. We need the meetings’ support as the literature is subsidizing our spiritual 12 step work. We are self supporting through our own contributions.

The 7th Tradition Contributions are listed under that tab in the left menu.
Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments.

Here is the November 2017 Profit & Loss Statement
We had a net income for the month of $2,040. This surplus is due primarily to being down one Special Worker in MPS and one Special Worker at the Distribution Center and not having their wages in the expense side of the statement.

The November Balance Sheet shows a slight increase in assets over the prior month which is due primarily to registrations coming in for the 2018 ABC AWC. To date we have received $4,708 in registration income.

Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee continues to work on the Quickbooks integration with the shopping cart and other sales channels now that the migration tothe cloud based Quickbooks Enterprise software was completed. The inventory is being set up in Quickbooks by warehouse as well and we are working on having that data automatically port into Quickbooks from the shopping cart.

The other big task the Finance Committee is focused on is the annual budget. We have reached out to all of the committees, sub-committes and the office and requested budgets from them. To date we have received budgets from all as requested and are working now to compile them into one master budget.

We hope to have this process completed before the end of the year and can present the board a new budget prior to or at the January TC.

Another project we have taken on is having a tax compliance review performed by tax experts to ensure we are doing everything properly with regrads to sales tax and other tax related issues. The board approved the solicitation of bids to do this work and a RFP was developed and sent out to 4 firms in the LA County are of Southern California.