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ACA Adult Children of Alcoholics

December 2018

2019 ABC/AWC News

The 2019 ABC/AWC will be held in Malmö, Sweden. More information, including about registration, can be found on the Convention Website.

ACA Annual Business Conference – April 25 & 26, 2019
ACA World Convention – April 26 (evening), 27 & 28, 2019

ABC Remote Voting and Teleconferencing
We are creating a subcommittee to support remote voting and teleconferencing for the 2019 ABC. Do you have experience with teleconferencing for large groups, audio recording, or an interest in being of service? We can use your help!! Please contact us at [email protected].

WSO News

Website and Database Committee News!!
Does your ACA group meet on more than one day and time a week? Other groups have said that they do and have asked WSO to make it easier for them to maintain the group’s contact and other information. We are working on an enhancement that allows a registered Group to specify more than one meeting day and Time. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to use this new feature.  New enhancements for meeting and intergroup searches are coming soon as well.

January ComLINE – Extended Deadline
We are looking for shares, art and poetry for the ComLine!  The deadline for the January edition has been extended to December 7, 2018.  Numbers 1, 2, or 3 of the Steps, Traditions, or Promises are the theme, with counts of 250 to 500 “words”.  What about the most important recovery “thing” you learned in 2018?  Send submissions to [email protected]and don’t forget to include a release form found on the ComLINE webpage!

Reminder: Share Your Experience, Strength, and Hope on Predatory Behavior in the ACA Fellowship by 12/15/18!
The deadline for submitting your contribution on member experiences with predatory behavior in the fellowship is coming soon.  Please see the Predatory Behavior ComLINE submissions pagefor detailed instructions.

Addressing Predatory Behavior (APB) – Safety Statements
The APB committee has published examples for group conscience approved safety statements used in different ACA meetings online.  Check out these Safety Statements, if you are considering something similar in your home group meeting!

ACA Archives 
Are you interested in ACA’s history? Has ACA given something to you? Come explore, read or help organize a part of ACA’s history.  Any members interested in being a part of WSO Archives should contact [email protected]. Let’s get an Archives Committee meeting going!

Service Positions on ACA Nominating Committee
The ACA Nominating Committee offers a unique new opportunity for ACA service. Become part of the team that is defining, implementing and sustaining a new process for selecting WSO trusted servants. See the Nominating Committee Page for more information and how to apply. If you’re not ready yet, this information will give you the path to follow for future service in this committee.

7th Tradition

Dear Fellow ACA Members, Groups, and Intergroups,

As we approach the end of a year of considerable growth in members, meetings and intergroups, I wanted to reach out on behalf of your World Service Organization and ask you to make a contribution to ACA before the end of the year if you have not made one this year. I also want to thank those members, groups and intergroups who have made contributions throughout the year. It has really made a difference in helping our message reach more people than ever around the world. We have created a flyer entitled, “Where Does the Money Go?,” which can be viewed, downloaded, printed and shared.

ACA depends on contributions to help us meet our operating budget every year. Your contributions represent a spiritual gift that can help carry the message to those who are giving up hope because they don’t see a way out of the pain caused by the abuse, shame, abandonment and neglect they suffered as children. ACA is there for them.

In service on behalf of the WSO board,

Bill D., Treasurer and Finance Chair
WSO Board of Trustees

Featured Meetings & Events

Quarterly Speaker Meeting  
January 12, 2019 – Benicia, CA
Event Flyer

Spring Bi-Annual ACA Retreat  
March 1-3, 2019 – Benet Lake, WI
Event Flyer

Germany ACA Convention  
March 29 – 31, 2019 – South Palatinate, Germany
Event Flyer

See all the event flyers by clicking here

Meetings – ACA WSO maintains a World Meeting List of registered ACA meetings that take place in person, over the phone or online, which is updated monthly. Visit the Find a Meeting page on to search for a meeting, or for more detail on specific meeting types, visit the MeetingPhone, Skype and Internet meeting information pages.

WSO Meeting Teleconferences
The ACA WSO holds its monthly Board teleconference meeting on the second Saturday, of each month.  The meeting begins at 2pm Eastern Time; the telephone number is 712-432-0075, access code 427266#.  Minutes of past meetings can be found here.

Traveler Submissions

The Traveler Newsletter is an email publication, scheduled to be released at the beginning of each month, which highlights ACA service news and events.  If your service committee, intergroup, region, or group would like to submit a notice to The Traveler, please send an email to [email protected].  For more details, please visit The Traveler

About Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

ACA is a worldwide 12 Step / 12 Tradition program of recovery dedicated to people who were raised in dysfunctional families. ACA does not seek to assign blame to parents or caretakers, but we seek to understand the reality of how family dysfunctions affected us as children and still affects our adult behavior today.

Family dysfunction can include alcoholism, abandonment, neglect, or any type of addiction or abuse. ACA is synonymous with ACoA; Adult Children Anonymous; & Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

For more information visit: