OPPM Committee Report, 2019 ABC

Committee Members:

  • Mary Jo L., Chair, Illinois
  • Erin D., Pennsylvania
  • Jim R., New York
  • Laura L., California
  • Miles C., Ontario, Canada
  • Pat H., California
  • Sue V., Ontario, Canada (ABC Sub-Committee)


The Operating Policy and Procedure Manual (OPPM) is the guiding document the WSO Board of Trustees uses for conducting the business of ACA World Services Organization (WSO).

This committee started making changes in early Fall of 2017 after nothing had been officially done to it since 2012.

We work continuously to make updates that reflect actual and proposed practices.  Any changes must be approved by motions of the Board of Trustees.  All changes since 2012 have been footnoted with the date of the most recent revision.

We also created a sub-committee to work exclusively on ABC and AWC materials for the OPPM as well as a separate procedural Handbook.

Questions about the OPPM may be directed at any time to a Board member or to an OPPM Committee member.  Emails may also be sent to [email protected]

The most current copy of the OPPM that was available when this Delegate Binder was printed is included.  Please check the Quick Links section of the acawso.org website for further updates as they are made.