Ballot Preparation Committee (BPC) Report, 2019 ABC

Committee Members:

  • Mary Jo L., Co-Chair, Illinois
  • Bonnie K-M, Co-Chair, Texas
  • Jim R., New York

Section XX of the OPPM lays out the authority and responsibilities of the Ballot Preparation Committee.

The work of the BPC has an ebb and flow quality to it. We are very busy in July before the Call for Proposals goes out – to ensure that there is appropriate documentation available for the groups to follow, as well as preparing the Ballot located on the Survey Monkey platform.

Then we are busy again as Proposals come in when we begin to work with appropriate committees and Board members to help create the WSO Analysis.  The Board approves the text for the WSO Analysis for each Proposal before the Ballot is published on January 15th.

After the Ballot deadline we prepare the results to be published on the Website by April 10th as well as for inclusion in the Delegate binder.

For 2019, approximately 225 Ballots were returned from 15 countries.  The final numbers will be determined after Ballots are validated.

Recommendations to the Fellowship:

The ABC Proposal process is especially appropriate for matters that truly benefit from fellowship-wide consensus and potential discussion, which helps make the ABC more relevant and effective. However, the OPPM lists a number of other ways for issues to be brought up that allow for faster consideration. One of those is through a WSO committee.

Thank you to all groups that participated in the Proposal and Ballot processes.