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European Committee Call for Service
The ACA fellowship in Europe is changing.  Members of the current European Committee have already or will soon be rotating off of service.  Members of the European ACA fellowship are being asked to read the Call for Service.  Plan to meet us in Minsk at the 5th European Meeting!

Meeting Safety Card 2nd Town Hall
The Addressing Predatory Behavior (APB) Working Group is hosting a second Town Hall conference call on July 13. All members of ACA are invited to this more in-depth discussion of proposed language submitted to the Annual Business Conference by the working group for a meeting safety card. More details, including Zoom call information, can be found on the Safety Card Review Meeting page.

Share Your or Your Group’s Experience – Best Practices
The service website has a Best Practices – Members Toolbox page where members can share things that their group has found useful. This covers areas like doing service, personal recovery, and group experience like running business meetings.  There are recent postings, including Workplace Recovery, Laundry List summary, Group Inventory Form, and a "How To" for updating meetings.  For more formation, please visit the Best Practices page

2019 AWC Workshops and Speakers
Convention speakers and workshops are now available for purchase and download as MP3.  The closing talk with the Serenity Prayer in many languages is available to download for free.  Visit the ACA Shopping Site

Service Committee Calendar
A new calendar has been added to the service website acawso.org This calendar shows the WSO service committee meeting dates and times, a link to their monthly reports, and an email address to contact for more information about the committee and access codes for the meeting teleconferences.

Resource Spotlight

The Members Services - Intergroups Subcommittee is reaching out to warmly say, "Hi."  Whether or not it has been a while since you have communicated with WSO, we are inviting your input and future communications.  World-wide ACA now has over 100 Intergroups.  Your Intergroup matters!!  

Our committee is beginning the process of gathering information from all the ACA Intergroups in the world so that we may make recommendations to WSO that will better serve its Intergroup Members.  We will be sending a "Needs Assessment" survey to each Intergroup in the near future.  The survey will ask how your Intergroup is doing and what your needs, desires, and/or concerns may be.  If there are things the ACA organization could be doing to better serve your Intergroup we want to know!

This and other information (including our scheduled meeting times) was sent to all Intergroups in an email introduction letter.  If your Intergroup did not receive the email, please contact us at [email protected].  We'd also like to welcome all interested to join us during our monthly conference calls.  More information can be found on the Intergroups Subcommittee page.

Featured Meetings and Events

4th of July ACA Phone Meeting Marathon    
Thursday, July 4th -- 5am to 10pm EDT
Call 712-432-8808, access code 247676#
Event Flyer

Unity Picnic
Thursday, July 4th -- 10am to 4pm -- Delray Beach, FL
Event Flyer

Ready, Set, Go! - 6 Week Session Begins
Monday, July 8th -- 8pm EDT -- Telephone Meeting
Call 712-451-0695, access code 177289#
Download the Flyer

Quarterly Speaker Meeting - East Bay Intergroup
Saturday, July 13th -- 6pm to 7:30pm -- Oakland, CA
Event Flyer

Midsummer Getaway - West Great Lakes Intergroup
Saturday, July 13th -- 9am to 5pm -- Mundelein, IL
Event Flyer

Workshop - The ACA Identity Papers - UK Intergroup
Saturday, July 13th -- 1pm to 6pm -- Knightsbridge, UK
Event Flyer

2nd Annual ACA Montana Retreat
September 13-15th -- Lakeside, MT
Event Flyer

2020 Annual Business Conference (ABC) & ACA World Convention (AWC)
April 23 - 26, 2020 -- Boca Raton, FL
Event Website

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Meetings - ACA WSO maintains a World Meeting List of registered ACA meetings that take place in person, over the phone or online, which is updated monthly. Visit the Find a Meeting page on to search for a meeting, or for more detail on specific meeting types, visit the MeetingPhone, Skype and Internet meeting information pages.

WSO Board of Trustees Teleconference
The ACA WSO Board holds its monthly teleconference meeting on the second Saturday, of each month, using Zoom, at 2pm Eastern Time. For more information, including agendas, previous minutes, the Zoom meeting ID, and telephone access numbers, please visit the ACAWSO.ORG website.

Twelve Concepts of Service - Concept #7

"The Annual Business Conference recognizes that the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organization are legal instruments:  that the Trustees are thereby fully empowered... " You can find the 12 Concepts of Service here.

7th Tradition

ACA WSO is grateful for your contributions that help us do that vital work. Check out our flyer titled "Where the Money Goes" to see how we utilize your contributions to carry the ACA message around the world. Please consider making a monetary contribution to help the next ACA receive the gift of recovery.  Contributions can be made online, by calling at 562-595-7831, or by mail payable to ACA WSO, 1458 E 33rd Street, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

Traveler Submissions

The Traveler Newsletter is an email publication, scheduled to be released at the beginning of each month, which highlights ACA service news and events.  If your service committee, intergroup, region, or group would like to submit news to The Traveler, please visit The Traveler page for more details.

Daily Meditation Emails

ACA WSO also publishes a daily email with the Meditation of the Day from the book "Strengthening My Recovery".  You can sign up to receive the meditation email here.  You will need to sign up for this separately from The Traveler Newsletter email.

About Adult Children of Alcoholics

ACA is a worldwide 12 Step / 12 Tradition program of recovery dedicated to people who were raised in dysfunctional families. ACA does not seek to assign blame to parents or caretakers, but we seek to understand the reality of how family dysfunctions affected us as children and still affects our adult behavior today.

Family dysfunction can include alcoholism, abandonment, neglect, or any type of addiction or abuse. ACA is synonymous with ACoA; Adult Children Anonymous; & Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

For more information visit: