The WSO Board meets monthly in an open Teleconference on the Second Saturday at 2PM Eastern (11:00 Pacific Time). All ACA members are invited to attend the Teleconferences.

You can join through Zoom at

Zoom Meeting ID:  228 809 511  Passcode:  90755

You can also attend the Teleconference using your computer or smartphone.

Telephone numbers for West Coast USA 669 900 6833  and East Coast USA 929 205 6099 Find a local number here.

The WSO Secretary provides the agendas for the Teleconferences and generates the Teleconference minutes for subsequent review and approval by the WSO Board.


$7 for the 7th

Dear Fellow Travelers, The WSO Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers would like to extend their sincere hope that this letter finds every member of the Fellowship safe and cared for on their journey to recovery from childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse. Every...

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Dear Board and Fellow ACA Members, Click Here to Download the Report Here are the September 2022 Financial Statements for your review. Please bear in mind these are not audited statements and may be subject to revision later. This is the most accurate information our...

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WSO Committees

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