Minutes for 3 August 2019

Monthly European Committee Teleconference

Time: 14:00 CET

The meeting is hosted via Zoom:




  1. Call to Order:
    The meeting was opened with a Call to Order, The Serenity Prayer (in plural) and reading the tradition of the month (Tradition 8)


  1. Roll Call of members of the European Committee:

Present: Chair MajBrit and Charlie 


  1. Introduction of Country Representatives and other Participants:

The meeting had the following participants (list first name, country/IG, and service position):

Arian, Netherlands IG webmaster
Hasse, Denmark (literature committee)
Fredrik, Sweden IG
Hanne, Finland IG secretary
Lisa, France
Jeanette, Sweden IG
Lina, Lithuania IG
Mark, Netherlands IG
Markus, Sweden EC (planning committee)
Mikkel, Denmark IG
Pat, UK IG treasurer
KadriLiisa, Estonia ACA group
Veronica, Switzerland (representative)


  1. Minutes: Motion to approve last Teleconference Minutes (and/or previous ones).
    The Minutes from the last Teleconference were not completed.
    Motion to table the minutes to September: Majbrit
    Second: Fredrik 
  2. Chair Report:

The Chair of the EC reported that there are a couple of intergroups who need support. Chair suggests that the new EC should emphasize on giving them a servicesponsor.

Polen has finished the translation of the yellow workbook and we have a new country that has signed a translation agreement with the WSO. Turkey is moving ahead with their translation.

Charlie reports that the literature committee is looking for a cheaper way of shipping English literature over to Europe and available to countries less expensive. 


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

The current Treasurer of the EC has stepped down. The Chair reported that the EC budget is 6000 dollars in total. It was also reported shortly about the costs for Summerfest in Minsk but since Jeffrey hasn ́t left any final report after stepping down she moved to table the official report to the next meeting.  


  1. Committee Reports:


    1. Executive European Committee: Majbrit reported that we don’t really have an executive committee but a planning committee. The need for service has been huge for a time and the EC have been searching for people doing service on a national level to contribute to the work in the EC since EC knew that both secretary and treasurer were about to step down.

      There has been a steady number of people showing up for the planning calls and a group has formed. The group had an effective planning meeting in Minsk and there are detailed minutes from that meeting for everyone who wants to read more from that meeting.  


  • Temporary Planning Committee:
    A temporary planning committee was initiated to fill the need for service and the group have a slack channel and are today around 11 people doing service. The suggestions, proposals and the work from the group is reported in the minutes from Minsk and in the open channel on slack.


  1. New Business

     There was no new business to discuss.


  1. Returning Business:



  • Interim European Committee:
    We started with an open meeting and in May we selected a few people to the planning committee. That turned out not being enough, so more people stepped up and wanted to help which moved the discussions forward.

    The group has written a draft of requirements for doing service in EC and have also a suggestion for an interim committee that is being ratified on the next months call in September. 




  • Annual European Event and Strategic Planning Meeting:
    There was a report from the planning meeting that had been sent out with the agenda. We urge you to look it over and send us suggestions on corrections that should be made. Majbrit moved to table the minutes to the next meeting in september. Second: Arian, Netherlands

    The meeting addressed the attachment 1 of suggested requirements for doing service and attachment 2 of the names of people who have stepped up for service in EC. Anyone who wants to do service can still send their interest to Chair Majbrit, this is just a draft.

    On the next meeting we make the election for the interim executive committee were we present all the people for the suggested service positions and their previous experience of service.

    Keira and Majbrit reported from Minsk gave a report from the Summerfest. 159 people participated in the event and it was their 10-year anniversary for ACA in Belarus. It was the largest amount of people gathered in one place! From all of us who participated we give a huge thank you for hosting us.




  • Service sponsorship
    We need to have a meeting on how being a service sponsor since we have a need for service sponsors.


  1. Announcements:

The following items were announced:

There are some upcoming events in Europe in Russia and a Dutch event both will be posted on the EC website for more information.

Salisbury is holding a convention on October 26 and you can read more on the UK website. 


The next EC Teleconference is scheduled to September 7, at 14:00 CET the first Saturday next month.


  1. Short sharing around about the experience of the meeting (no names in Minutes).

The participants gave the following responses (no names mentioned):


A shared thought was to start the meeting with a discussion and prioritizing of questions on the agenda in relations to the meeting time.

A suggestion to prolong the next meeting to 90 minutes since we often need to expand the meeting time. Mikkel motion that we table the question for the next meeting and put it under “new business”. Second: Veronica.

Gratitude was expressed for all the service!


  1. Motion to close the meeting?

The closing was seconded, and the meeting closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.