EC WS Minutes Feb. 19, 2020

European Committee Working Session (EC WS)

Time: 20:15 CET

  1. Fredrik calls the meeting to order and asks those present make sure background noises are eliminated. When speaking please say your name and country first.
  1. Fredrik begins the meeting with the Serenity Prayer
  1. Tradition Three: The only requirement for membership in ACA is a desire to recover from the effects of growing up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional family.
  1. Members of the European Committee

Present: Majbrit Chair Emeritus, Fredrik Chair, Markus Vice-Webmaster, Hasse Literature, Marjo Webmaster, Veronica Treasurer, Charlie H WSO, Marc Absent: Mikkel

  1. Country Reps:
  • Beryl, UK
  • Edmundus, Lithuania
  • Irma, UK
  • Kadra- Liisa, Latvia
  • Marius, Romania
  • Szaboltcs, Hungary
  1. Approval of the Minutes: There are no minutes as yet. This will be postponed until the next meeting.
  1. Approval of the Agenda

Motion: To approve the agenda with the amendment of adding the election. (Fredrik)

Second: Majbrit

Decision: Motion approved.

  1. New Business: 
    1. Election
  • Voting: You must be a country representative, rep of IG or rep with group conscience to participate. Fredrik shared the qualifications on the Zoom screen for all members to read. 
  • Aspiring EC Literature Chair: Hasse from Denmark presented his credentials as a candidate for EC Literature Chair to the assembled group.

Fredrik called for other nominations, but there were none.

Motion: To elect Hasse as EC Literature Chair. (Fredrik)

Second: Veronika

Vote: No one objected or abstained.

Decision: Motion passed.

Charlie, as Literature Chair for WSO, thanked Hasse for stepping up. Although much has been done to get literature to Europe, much more needs to be done. Charlie is looking forward to working with Hasse to bring about this change within a year.

  • Aspiring EC Literature Vice-Chair: Marc from the Netherlands presented his credentials as a candidate for EC Literature Vice-Chair to the assembled group.

Fredrik called for other nominations, but there were none.

Motion: To elect Marc as EC Literature Vice-Chair. (Fredrik)

Second: Veronika

Vote: No one objected. Majbrit abstained.

Decision: Motion passed.

Charlie congratulated Marc on his election and thanked him for offering himself for service. Hasse looks forward to working with him.

  • EC Secretary and EC Service Sponsor Coordinator

The EC is looking for both a Secretary and a Service Sponsor Coordinator. Beryl and Irma have both expressed interest in the positions.

Aspiring candidates: 

  • Beryl from the UK presented her credentials as a candidate for one of the positions to the assembled group. She prefers Service Sponsor Coordinator. Fredrik will set up a meeting with her to discuss this further.
  • Irma from the UK presented her credentials as a candidate for Service Sponsor Coordinator to the assembled group. Fredrik asked for her email. 
  • Fredrik asked for other nominations, but there were none.

A discussion was held about whether or not to hold the election on the spot. The advantage of holding the election today is to have the positions filled. Waiting a month might be good for deciding who really wants the positions and what they involve. Charlie is happy that two people from the UK have offered themselves for the positions. Fredrik asked Beryl and Irma for their preferences. Beryl preferred to wait on the election. 

Fredrik shared the guidelines for the positions on Zoom. They are based on Majbrit’s experiences and discussions between members of the EC. It is a living document that can change over time. Veronika asked if it was possible to have a Chair and a Vice-Chair for the Service Sponsor position. The group decided that it would be possible. 

It was decided to invite both Beryl and Irma to the next working session for this discussion. A decision can be made at that meeting and ratified at the next EC TC. The next session will be held on March 11 at 19:00 CET time. Fredrik will send the invitation to both.

    1. Reports of interest to the EC
  • Annual European Meeting:  Letters were sent out to IG’s to cohost this event. A nice proposal was received from Greece, which has been accepted. The first working session with them was held last week. Some motions from that meeting will be read into the record. The event will be held 23-25 September 2020 and the theme is Talk, Trust, Feel.
  • The Slovenians have received a licensing agreement. They are almost ready with YWB.
  • Spain wants access to BRB and YWB on Amazon Spain.
  1. Next meeting: April 4, 2020 at 2PM CET on Zoom
  1. Fredrik closed the meeting with ACA Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change

The courage to change the one I can

And the wisdom to know that one is me. 

~From Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (BRB) Chapter 14