7th Tradition Donations for June were $3,329.72. Thank you to all meetings and individuals that are able to send contributions. Donations for previous months are available under the “Donations Received” tab under “Treasurer’s Report” to the left. 

Thanks to the Donations and eBook sales, along with efficiencies that are being implemented in the Signal Hill office, there was a Net Income of $4,196.17. The Balance Sheet and P&L Statement give you more particulars about the financial situation, and the Pie Charts give you a visual. 

Currently, we’re working on establishing a new Purchase Order system that will more accurately help track expenses.  Also, a new way of tracking inventory adjustments is being implemented so that inventory reconciliation can be more accurate.

In July we plan to provide a further breakdown on the Balance Sheet that shows how the bank funds are earmarked for both our Prudent Reserve and future expenditures.  This is being determined as part of the process of creating a near-term and long-term Budget. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.