ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

In March, we received 610 requests. I emailed 893 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 104 that I returned using Skype for anonymity.

International connections made this month:

New Zealand Ireland Latvia Czech Rep South Africa UK China, Kenya, Serbia Australia Vienna Bahrain Canada Russia Sweden Puerto Rico Denmark Spain Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Panama

Remarkable events:

———–Around the world: I helped an AU group lessen the costs of shipping literature.  A new member in Bahrain reached out for first time ACA help. An NA member will be traveling to Russia and asked for help finding ACA meetings, he will also hand deliver ACA literature to the Russian meeting which ordered some. A member asked about finding meetings in Sweden for her friend. I touched base with Puerto Rico and Spain to ask if they needed any further help/literature. A member in Serbia wrote in about translations. 

———–Intergroups: I attended the FL intergroup meeting and was able to contribute to their meeting as a guest. Africa Intergroup reached out and I replied back to find out anything that we can do to help them carry the message in Africa. Tucson AZ is starting an Intergroup and requested bylaws and/or participation in the establishment of them, I gave her information on the bylaw development. I reached out 33 Intergroups (those with email addresses)  to ask 1) How are you doing as a trusted servant in this position, what are the ups and downs? 2) How is your Intergroup doing; what are it’s struggles and successes? 3) Do you feel that your intergroup is bridging the gap between the meetings in your area and the WSO? 4) What progress would you like your intergroup to have in 5 years time? and I encouraged them to attend teleconferences and offer IG updates. I received  replies from Russia, the UK, Denmark, Tulsa OK, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Canada and The Netherlands.  It’s been great to “meet” these IG’s. Questions came in about treasury and Robert’s Rules and IG voting and should an IG pay rent?

sent Majbrit: 7,  Joan: 6,  Larry: 6, Gloria: 35, MaryJo 2 and Ines 2.

———–Public Information related:

A CA social worker, and a case worker in FL, requested help for clients and I asked them about receiving Board Book Initiative packages. By the way, I email all 3 Identity papers in PDF format to all of these folks in the interim while they wait for their BBI packages and they are very grateful for the wonderful information in the Identity Papers. I received a call from Fordham University in reply to the BBI package they received. I updated the CA Dept of Corrections site and a CA Adult Education Center’s ACA listing in their catalogs. 3 requests came in asking for us to place a link on our website from the following organizations: Theravive International Mental health website, and a French Canadian blog called EADA that they described as “the French ACA”. We got a phonecall from someone shooting a documentary in Missouri asking if I could help the person who is the focus of the documentary find a meeting. I gave meeting information and I explained to her in detail the Traditions that ACA groups follow etc. A facility called “Unity of Fresno Spiritual Center” which houses many 12 step meetings, offered their space for ACA meetings also, I asked what she thought about receiving a BBI package.

———–Events: 6 Events were posted this month (one from Finland). And the website old link was re-directed to the new link by Scott. 

———–From the fellowship: Does ACA have a stance on reporting illegal activities that members share in a meeting? Can an ACA group be listed under Alanon? I’m writing a book, may I use your “ACA Bill of Rights” in my book? There were many requests related to a San Marcos convention this month and over the last 6 months; it is apparent to me that people assume this is “THE WSO ACA” convention. A person under 18 wrote in asking if you have to be 18 to attend. A member was concerned about a Facebook page that included an ACA registered meeting’s announcement of the time and place of the meeting. A member concerned about a meeting breaking traditions was helped by the board’s concurrence that MPS contact the meeting to ask for further clarity; upon further details provided by the meeting, CA1148 was delisted. A member volunteered to help with the Comline and another offered help to WSO in response to the Service Request Letter she received with her order; I am currently working with her to see where her interests lie. Many members emailed this month on how to start a new meeting. There were a few telephone meeting complaints. A record was broken this month: a member asked for a meeting list for 18 zip codes. It was the same day I sent out the 33 Intergroup emails; bringing my sent emails to 102 for that day.

—–This month’s Common comments:

Do you have a sponsor list? I need to find a meeting for my family member. Treasury questions. Where’s the Comline? Can we have other literature on ebook? Can someone tell me if the meeting I want to go to is there for sure? Crosstalk, Tradition breaks in meetings. Can WSO help our meeting get insurance? Is there an ACA bill of rights? Can we reprint trifolds for outreach and newcomers?