European Report for june 2014

I’ve answered 46 emails and have had three phone calls this month. There is a lot of activity in the UK, it seems that more and more are joining the fellowship asking for meetings and literature. 


In the Nederland’s it’s the same story there are very few groups and they are struggling  to get money together for ordering books, it becomes to expensive because of the shipping, right now we’re trying to find a way. I have mentioned our book program but they are to few members to order in that way. I’ve send them some suggestions for generating money and I’m waiting for their replay.

Finland has asked me to bring ten copies of our meditation book when I go to Latvia in September so that they might start to translate it in to Finnish.

I’m still in contact with Gunta from Riga discussing how to handle the presentation of the new website at the convention. And I’m preparing for my speak getting butterflies in my stomach. 

This month I’ve been in contact with The UK, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Luxembourg, Latvia and Sweden.

A great deal of the questions are concerning the shipping fees and what we’re going to do about it. And because we don’t a European office I’m not able to resolve this.

More than 50% of the questions have been about “where do I find a meeting”

I’m happy that I’m getting better at finding the answers because our beautiful fellowship keeps on growing.

In that spirit I’ll end my report.

European Chair of ACA

Member of the Out Reach Committee

Majbrit M