European Report for July

Strange how our higher works. Last month I was fortunate to meet Linda from the Netherlands, she turned up at my home group meeting seeking help and contact with the european fellowship and I was able to give her the support she needed. Last friday another lady Anette turned up she has an ACA meeting in Nice, France, she also was looking for help to support her ACA group. One person is chance but two danish persons seeking help and coming to MY home group that must be our higher power working its best. I’m so grateful and humble. 


This month I’ve been in contact with 23 people all of them seeking advice. I’ve sent out 58 responds back and forth. I’ve been in contact with the UK, sending requests for help from Ireland, Scotland and the UK to Alexandra who’s doing a fantastic job.

I’ve been in contact with Latvia supporting Gunta asking her if she has what she needs in terms of ACA banners, posters and other things they might need in order to make the convention in Riga feel like a real ACA convention. I’m still waiting for her reply.

I’ve been in contact with France, Anette, who wants to register a new ACA meeting in Nice. The Netherlands has started an Inter group in september of last year and have had their first meeting where it was decided that they would contact the MPS Committee, Vonnie forwarded the mail to me and I’m trying very patiently to explain that I have the mandate to support them, and will be able to provide them what the might need. I’m waiting for the reply to a long positive letter I sent to them.

I’ve dealt with a complaint from a danish member concerning her safety at the meetings giving her the tools to deal with the situation at hand, passing on my experiences from our program. And are grateful for being able to help others.

I’ve also been in contact with Sweden and Poland.

All in all our fellowship is growing month by month making it worth working long hours at the computer.

This is what I chose to give this month

In Senerity

Majbrit M