Due to an error in this month’s inventory that wasn’t corrected until mid-day yesterday, Friday, November 7th, our Accountant wasn’t able to get the financials to me in time for the Treasury Committee to review them before posting.  UPDATE: Final P&L Statement and Balance Sheet.

The net income for October was approximately $14,000, due in large part to the 7th Tradition Contributions made by various Meetings, Intergroups, and indivduals from around the world.  I wasn’t able to update the information on the Donations Received tab in the left margin, but you can Click Here to get the list of October contributions.  UPDATE: These figures now posted in their appropriate location.

The Treasury Committee, Martin C. and me, met twice in October. We continue to look at checks and balances in the way funds are managed.  We expect to have to hire a consultant to help establish standards, unless we are able to find one or more volunteers from the Fellowship who have experience in this area to help us.

Please note that when the corrected financials are available, I will update this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

WSO Treasurer