The Finance Committee is always appreciative of volunteers.  As always, if you have any questions about WSO finances, please send an email to [email protected] 

Summer is here!  But we unfortunately ran out of workbooks just about the time the season changed.  This was due to a Perfect Storm of several things that came together at once, especially that the Printer had problems and delayed delivery by almost two weeks. 

The Profit and Loss Statement shows that literature sales were down by about $10,000 from May.  But overall we are still up over $39,000 in net income for the year.  Still a very rosy picture.  And as Recovering Adult Children, while we might have felt inconvenienced by the delay in getting our workbooks, we knew they were not gone forever – they were just going to reappear in their own time . . . which they did.  And now they are literally “flying” out the door!

7th Tradition Contributions are listed below the Treasurer’s report in the menu on the Repository.  As stated there, please email me if you have any questions. 

The Balance Sheet has no surprises this month.  The Finance Committee will be notifying the Board of changes to the way some things are categorized. 

Speaking of the Finance Committee, we met three times in June, with the first of those meetings as part of last month’s report.  Further, we discussed a great number of things, including the new California sick leave policy, ABC budgets, and re-evaluating the placeholders on the Balance Sheet that I mentioned above.  We have also created a list of all types of WSO expenditures and created an approval structure for them that will be disseminated to the Board this week.  The minutes from those meetings will be posted shortly.  Thank you to Martin and John for all of their help.  And if my name was Abraham, we could all be singing a classic song. 

In Gratitude for my ability to give back to this amazing Fellowship that has saved my life.

Mary Jo L.

WSO Treasurer and Board Member