April 13, 2016

Dear Intergroups,


UPDATE July 8th 2017 : The mimum Order Amount for an Intergroup Order has been lowered to $100 from the previous $630. Case quantities are still required to get the 30% discount, but this will allow a single Case of books to be purchased in 1 order.

The ACA WSO Board of Trustees is excited to announce the opening of a special 30% discount store exclusively for registered ACA Intergroups.  More information about the 30% discount can be found in the April 2015 sub-article contained in this article (click read more below).


To participate in this program, you must register a Designated Trusted Servant to place orders according to the terms and conditions contained in the registration form.  You can find the registration form at https://www.acawso.org/images/Validation_of_the_30_discount.pdf



In addition to purchasing the Intergroup Discounted items, within the same order you may also purchase regularly priced items as long as they exceed $10.


Once a Designated Trusted Servant has registered, they will receive an email with the subject “Profile is modified” from ACA WSO, Inc. letting the Designated Trusted Servant know that their email account has been activated.  It will look something like this:

You have received this notification from ACAWSO, Inc. because you are a registered user or you or some other registered user requested some information for you from our store. 
Dear Customer, 
Your profile has been modified. 
Your profile:

Account information
   Email: youremailaddress.com
Personal information
   Membership: Intergroup
   Middle initial: -

Thank you for using our shopping system

Phone: +1-562-595-7831
URL: www.shop.adultchildren.org

To help Designated Trusted Servant calculate intergroup orders, we have prepared a downloadable excel worksheet that is here.  Please note the worksheet does not calculate taxes, if applicable, or shipping costs.


The 30% Intergroup discount shop allows Designated Trusted Servant to purchase 30% discounted bulk items and regularly priced retail products in the event they do not need bulk purchases of any item.
The minimum Intergroup order is $100 as of July 8, 2017.  
The minimum regularly priced order is $10.


Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to help spread the ACA message.


Thank you,


WSO Board of Trustees


April 2015 

Dear Intergroup Points of Contacts,


We bring very exciting news!  The Board of Trustees of ACA WSO, Inc. is rolling out a 30% discount price plan for ACA literature exclusively for registered ACA Intergroups.


There are many purposes for offering this discount. The discount will allow ACA Intergroups to service their local groups’ literature needs while providing the intergroups an opportunity to generate a small revenue stream to fund outreach efforts and their operations. It will also hopefully draw newcomers to the meetings to buy literature inexpensively, and maybe stay for a meeting. It may also help reduce the number of small orders received by the Literature Distribution Center. Winners all around!

The intergroup discounts will only be made on:



1.        Full Boxes of Books 

           The number of books per box will vary according to the title.  A box of  Fellowship Texts will contain 20 books, a box of 12 Step Workbooks will contain 22 books, a box of Meditation Books hard cover will contain 18 books, a box of Meditations Books soft cover will contain 20 books, and a box of Laundry Lists Workbooks will contain 14 books. Each box will contain only one title and will not be mixed with other titles. 


2.        Complete Rolls of Chips or Medallions  

            There are 25 chips/medallions in each roll.  Each roll to contain one kind of chip or medallion;  i.e., Welcome chips, 1 month chips, 1 year medallions, 2 years medallions etc.  The coins will not be mixed.


3.        Lots of 10 of Each Individual Tri-fold Title (e.g., 10 copies of ACA Is…, etc)


4.        Lots of 10 of Tri-fold Sets


5.        Lots of 10 of Tri-fold Assortments


6,        Lots of 10 of Each Individual Booklets Title (e.g. 10 copies Identity Papers, etc.)


7.        Minimum of 2 Meeting Starter Kits


8.        Minimum of 3 New Meeting Packets



The minimum overall order is $100 per order as of July 8, 2017.  Here is an excel Intergroup Discount Worksheet to help you calculate your order before placing the order online (does not calculate or include shipping costs).


Note: none of the Intergroup discounted items will be individually wrapped, but they will be sent in double walled boxes except for the soft cover meditation books and miscellaneous items, e.g., coins, tri-folds, etc.


In order to save labor costs at the WSO Literature Distribution Center that allows us to offer the 30% discount and because of the additional labor of shipping orders to different destinations, orders can only be delivered to one destination.  It is the intergroup’s responsibility to distribute literature to their local groups.


The main objective of the 30% discount is to incentivize intergroups to buy and distribute books locally. Therefore, literature should be competitively priced and readily accessible when compared to the cost and convenience of having shipments made directly from the ACA WSO Distribution Center.  


While Intergroups are free to decide their own pricing scheme,  the WSO suggests that the intergroups sell the literature to groups at a competitive savings from what the groups would normally pay (inclusive of shipping charges) if the literature were bought from ACA WSO Literature Distribution Center.  


Simply passing along all the savings to the groups would defeat the benefit of offering the Intergroups a 30% discount.


As mentioned above, the intergroup pricing scheme, coupled with 7th Tradition donations from their constituent groups, may benefit  the Intergroup by allowing them to generate a small revenue stream to:

a.    help the intergroup defray the cost of mailing literature or set up a local distribution center

b.    supply literature locally

c.    support their groups’ literature distribution/sales efforts

d.    fund Intergroup Outreach, Member and Public Service, H&I 

e.    Intergroup operational needs

f.     reduce the demand for small orders at the ACA WSO Literature Distribution Center 

These are the primary reasons for offering the Intergroup 30% discount.


Thus, if a box of 20 books were ordered from the ACA WSO Literature Distribution Center would normally cost $X, then the Intergroup may price the literature at a price less than $X, but with a small margin that allows it to cover its costs, at a minimum. 


There are various time-consuming phases to this roll out so patience and tolerance will be key.  Please don’t expect all the ducks to be in a row for several months.


To begin the roll out process, we will need your intergroup to sign a Request for Validation as a 30% Purcahser form and designate one trusted servant who will place your intergroup’s discounted orders. A sample filled in form has also been provided.  


Please send the completed and signed form to ACA WSO, P. O. Box 3216, Torrance, CA 90510 USA or scan and send the completed and signed form to meetings@acawso.com.


Then we will have our programmers classify the Designated Trusted Servants’ emails in the intergroup shopping cart so that they will have exclusive access to the reduced priced merchandise.


Then we will work on the backend to make sure all the products are listed in the shopping cart correctly and get the stock in the warehouse so we can roll this out for you.  (Think Winter 2015/Spring 2016)


We will send an email to the Designated Trusted Servant when everything is set up and ready to go. 


In the meantime (and we did mention there is going to be a long meantime) you may want to reach out to your groups and get a sense of how many of them would like to purchase ACA Literature from you, what and how many they would likely buy. You can send us a rough idea of what your first order may look like. This will help us prepare the warehouse with enough stock to service your needs.


You may want to check with your local tax authorities so they can tell you if there are any pesky sales tax issues you need to be aware of.


In service,


WSO Board of Trustees