Volunteers Wanted:  If you have a background in Finance and/or Accounting, the Finance Committee is looking for you to join us.  Please email Mary Jo at [email protected]  if you’re interested.

February’s financials show that there was a net income for February of $3,254.  The details are in the Profit and Loss Statement.  This is down considerably from last month for several reasons, many of which are normal fluctuations. 

Of note in the Administrative portion of the P&L, which we call the WSO Cost Center, are that 7th Tradition contributions were lower by about $3,000 from last month, and we showed no income from Amazon ebook sales, which should show up in March. Expenses in this section are rising as we spend more money on Literature Development and outreach projects. 

The Balance Sheet stayed fairly steady as there was a smaller amount of Net Income and we didn’t have any large outlays of funds in January, outside of the expenses listed on the P&L Statement. 

We are in the process of hiring more people to take on some of the workload that current Board members have been doing as part of their service work.  It has been too much for many of us for some time, so that expenditure will be more than appropriate.  It will likely cause some flow of funds out of Savings, which we have been preparing for. 

The Finance Committee, composed of Martin C. and myself, have been working on both the 2015 Budget, as well as preparing for the ABC. 

Some of the fellowship have already been able to take advantage of the quantity discounts now offered with the new shopping cart.  We feel that these discounts, along with other proposed discounts may offset perhaps a significant portion of the profits from any increased sales.  But it will all boil down to making sure we have enough funds set aside for expected expenses. 

If you have any questions about this report or about our finances in general, please contact me at [email protected]

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer