Monthly EC Skype Meeting

Saturday, June 6, 2015

14:00 p.m. CET


A.  The meeting was called to order with the serenity prayer.


B. Roll Call of European Countries: Majbrit, Denmark, WSO European Chair; 

                                                               Martin, UK, WSO Trustee; 

                                                               Raymond, ACA UK Chair

C. A quorum was established



D. EC Members Reports:  were not yet possible because there were not yet formal country representatives. 

E. Guests Introductions:

Tiana – Cologne, Germany

Genovéva – Hungary        

F. Minutes: Motion to approve the April, 2015 Teleconference Minutes 

The motion was seconded and the minutes were approved. 

G. Committee Reports:

1. EC Chair, Majbrit

Denmark’s intergroup has taken business forward, service positions filled, along with new international reps. They have been told about discounts and a possible region. There is a growing fellowship.

2. UK, Martin

Intergroup is ‘keeping the Lights on’. Not every group participates. A lot of book orders. A motion to sponsor part of European region, passed.

3. Cologne, Germany – Tiana

There are 2 meetings, Thursday & Sunday. About 4 -5 cities have meetings. Munich might have 2. Frankfurt, Tubingen. No Intergroup. There are mostly small meetings. It’s hard to find sponsors.

4. Hungary – Genovéva

There are several meetings in Hungary. It is going to be represented at AA Annual meeting soon, a place where people can meet from across the country. There are 2 meetings in ‘Pecs’. There are problems with sponsorship, and literature. Local meetings are getting bigger.

H. New Business:


  1. Perhaps we could keep have a list of sponsors (?) Cross country & language is difficult – if doing it in English it keeps us in our ‘minds’ rather than ‘feelings’. Difficult logistics.
  2. Encourage connections between people in Helsinki. 
  3. Region: UK will sponsor along with another Intergroup to try to set up a region to serve Europe. Danes were excited: Martin proposed discussion in Helsinki, Majbrit will ask Denmark to sponsor it if necessary, once properly re-registered as an Intergroup. European committee will continue and liaise between Region & WSO.
  4. Discussion of a possible German Intergroup: 
  5. Translations: Meetings are slightly intimidated by the requirements of the translation agreements: This has been discussed with WSO, and experience suggests asking for them to be signed by Intergroups rather than individuals. Majbrit is passing the message up to WSO about the sense of intimidation, as well as asking that the agreements become more simplified if possible.Meetings: Problems getting people in meetings at all, and to stay. Some fellows set up a step meeting etc. to be more focused.
    1. Discussion of who is translating- Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia: there’s a WSO sponsored Spanish group. Some Canadian and Americans are working on a French translation, and there’s a small group in Italy. People find that the actual translation work is fun. 
    2. There are worries about possibly using different words on ‘translated’ flyers, and Majbrit agreed to see one to check. She stressed that meeting etc. are autonomous and are trying to get the message across and we will encourage that.
    3. Also fellowships can grow from the experience of doing the translations. WSO might be looking at funds for paying for translations.
  6. Discussion of possible Finance by European Committee Chair of part of Helsinki convention, to be tabled. Finns were invited to this discussion. Helsinki week-end is 28-30 August.

Announcements: The next EC Skype Meeting is scheduled for July 3rd at 14:00 p.m. CET. Skypename acaeurope

The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.