European Report for february 2014

This month I’ve written out to people 21 times, on requests, answering different questions, I’ve been in contact with Spain, Romania, USA, UK, DK, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Scotland and Holland. 


Ray from the UK is interested in working with me at the European committee, he’s from Scotland but lives in the Southern part of England, and is in the English inter group with Martin, I talked with him telling him about the job and he’s very exited.

I had requests for spanish speaking phone bridges meeting from a girl that lives in London, but is from Romania. She wanted a meeting for her mother. But didn’t understand the concept of EST, os I had to tell her about the time difference here and in the US.

I send out Letters to the Finish and UK Inter Groups asking for assistants in the European committee but only Ray from the UK responded.

I forwarded an invitation from Latvia, (From Gunta) to the convention from the 26th until the in september. A registration form, and a program for the weekend, I’ll try to link it up on our website. Looks very existing and I’m going providing we make our Face to face WSO meeting some other weekend in September.

1st European

ACA Group Meeting

Greetings to everyone!

As suggested in the ACA Annual Business Meeting in Copenhagen in April 2013, our Latvia ACA group is happy to invite you for the first European ACA Group Meeting in Latvia, Riga, September 26–28, 2014.

We will take care about meeting/party places, refreshments, information and coordination. However participants are invited to take at their own expenses — travel, hotels and main meals.

Please, fill out registration form and send us not later than July 31, 2014. E-mail address:

We suggest the following program of Meeting: September 26, 2014 Friday 17.00–20.00. Arrival and ACA meeting “My story!

(Address: Riga, Vidrižu Street 3, 3rd floor. Social Service building)y

10.00–15.00. 15.00–18.00 18.00–24.00

Discussion meeting — “How can we cooperate?” (Address: Riga, Vidrižu Street 3, 3rd floor. Social service building) (coffee breaks as per situations)

Free time
ACA Latvia group invites all participants to join a party and have a fun! (Place will be announced later) 10.00–12.00 12.00–14.00
Guided tour around Old Riga

Final conclusions sharing of impressions and farewell.

(Bags can be left in the meeting place – Skolas Street 10-8. Meeting will take place here if bad weather or in the park if sun will shine and golden leaves flight around).

Party theme “With whom or what I am associating myself today”. You are invited to use masks, accessorizes, photography, pictures to describe your feelings about theme.

During the party ACA meeting will take place. This time we could share about topic “Me in the World and World within Me”.

Addiontial information will be sent when event will come closer and we will have more information about number of visitors , etc. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact with me – Gunta, by e-mail

Private and Confidential


September 2628, 2014 Riga, Latvia

Name:_____________________________________________________Surname:__________________________________________________E-Mail:_____________________________________________________ Telephone Number:___________________________________________________Country:___________________________________________________

Questions to organizations: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Proposals for discussions: __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please fill out the Registration Form and send

I answered a (I think he is Russian) man about doing a survey in the ACA in the UK, telling him about our traditions for anonymity ect. He accepted my answer.

I past along requests for bills paid from Denmark, and Ireland to Mary Jo. Got a nice answer from her.

In Denmark we had an Inter Group meeting, we now need a treasurer and a web master, and a Chair for our translation committee. All that is being put on our web site.

I’ve given report concerning the translations requested by Larry, the suggestion about the early ACA history in Denmark. And things are moving along.

I’d a girl from the states writing me, she participated in a conference call / phone bridges meeting with Inez and she’s looking into having a longer stay in Denmark, and wants to look me up when she gets here.

Have had some connection with a guy from Finland in regard to the social media report and was able to connect him with Martin from the UK.

Daniel C reports from Holland

As you are aware of, the ACA fellowship in the Netherlands is small. There are six meetings in total, one in Gouda; one in Utrecht, and four in Amsterdam.

While the group in Utrecht seems to be thriving and two of the Amsterdam ones are stable, the others are struggling to keep their heads above water. Over the last year there has been a big drop in meeting’s attendees.

The ACA Intergroup Netherlands is still in its developing stages, and has currently reached a space where it feels it has to take a break in order to give the fellowship time to settle and to create clarity on what the next priorities to focus on will be.

One of these might be to have a Dutch translation on the new ACA website. However, in this moment the ACA Intergroup does not know what will come to happen in Higher Power’s time.

As such, right now we cannot give in to your request of having a Dutch Translation on the ACA website. Even though some of us individually might be in favor of the idea, the Intergroup feels that it is the fellowship who has to decide on this too.

We will keep you informed on the development of the process. Whatever this will be.

On behalf of the ACA Intergroup Netherlands, Daniél C

This concludes my report for Feb. 2014

Majbrit MEuropean Chair