EC Report 2015 May 

Our next EC teleconference is on the  6th of June 14:00 CET, at Skype: acaeurope, feel free to join us.

The Greeks are being very productive in their translations, they are getting to know how we work at the WSO. As a result of the first ACA Skype meeting earlier this year, they are setting up a Face to Face meeting in Athens. And I’m sending them a starter kit as requested.

The Estonians are setting up an English Speaking meeting and they are also getting a Starter Kit.

The Latvians have launched their first ever Latvian ACA webpage, requesting input for texts to put on their webpage.


The Norwegians are making progress with their translation of the Danish BRB. Almost a month ago they asked if we would help them get a copy of the Danish BRB as an PDF file because it would be so much easier for them to translate from Danish to Norwegian. Our literature Committee Chair is Working with them

The Finns have asked the WSO board to support their event in Helsinki on the end of August, They have asked for flyers, banners and Books to sell at the event. 

They are currently working to finish their translations. 

25 people have already signed up for the convention in August. Please see link:

The Danish fellowship constituted a new “board” the SGM elected new secretaries, treasurer, contact person, 35 members showed up for service. I rotated out of my position as the danish rep in WSO, and two guys stepped up to take over my job. One has experience in transatlantic work with a non-profit organisation. The other member has a Bachelor in Danish. Both meet the requirements of being trusted servants. 

On the EC call on Saturday it came up that Members find the translation agreement somewhat intimedating and very difficult to read?

The Hungarians are finished with their BRB and are doing the final read-through before sending it in for approval. That came as a very pleasent surprise to me.

This was the report for May

Majbrit M , DK

Chair of the European Committee