European Committee (EC) Report for May 2017

This month we had our Teleconference on the 3rd of June at 14:00 ESDT. We are still looking for volunteers to work with us to record and report our activities. As always we had a short report and discussed how to provide further service for the European fellowship.

This month we spoke with Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia.

The 4th annual European Meeting will be held on Saturday 16 September in Madrid, Spain. 

We hope to have the program for this event in place within a month. It is going to be in the heart of Madrid in a community center. Right outside there are lots of hotels and cafes, restaurants and so on. We hope to be able to have the Castilian Spanish BRB at the event. Please see our EC website

Upcoming events in Europe can be seen on the above website. 

In the near future is Norway on the 17th of June in Oslo. Program is available on the EC website. 

Sweden has their 3rd annual event on the 22nd of October. They ask that the free downloadable texts from the WSO website be replaced with the edited texts in the newly printed Swedish Newcomer booklet.

Poland will have their annual event in September at the same time as the EC event. We hope to be able in to help the fellowship in Poland. They reached out to us asking for support because they need ACA-sponsors and help to set up procedures for safe sponsorship. Currently they do not have the YWB in Polish and most ACAs are made to read the Big Book from AA and doing the AA steps. This is disheartening for them Like being mentored by “parents”. Members are distraught by this practice. And they feel the presence of the WSO would really help solidify their ACA presence in Poland. They have around 100 Polish ACA meetings and they have been translating the BRB for 8 years now just realizing that that they did not have a glossary. Thus all translators have translated the core words differently with no consistency throughout, making it very hard to edit the text.

Bulgaria has stepped up and wants to translate the BRB. The EC is helping the small fellowship the best we can, so that their translation committee gets support and becomes a translated BRB done through group conscience. We have a member who will be going to Sofia for 3 months and help set up a team of translators, in order to get the work done.

Serbia contacted us asking for support. I’m waiting for information to send them a Starter Kit.

Finland contacted us asking for support in dealing with a situation in regard to sexual abuse of newcomers at meetings. They were not able find anything on this in the BRB.

Publications in the near future in Europe

The Finnish YWB has finally gone into production and 500 copies are scheduled to be delivered to Helsinki on 10 July.

Reprints of the Danish BRB & YWB should go into production in June for delivery in July. We hope to print as close to 1,000 copies of each as possible in order to obtain the best prices and have plenty left over to stock the Norwegian fellowship for more than a year.

The Russian BRB is finally nearing completion as it has been designed in Russia and is expected to be sent to the printer in June/July.