Literature Committee Annual Report, 2018 ABC

The Literature Committee creates and assists in the distribution of literature to explain the essentials of ACA recovery to fellowship members, and to those considering our program. It is guided by the needs of the fellowship and the Literature Policy in the OPPM.

Information on the Literature Committee is available throughout the year at Quarterly Literature Committee calls are open to all ACA members, 11:30 am eastern the first Saturday in January, April, July,and October. In addition to reporting on business, the quarterly calls seek fellowship input on emerging literature issues. The remaining quarterly meetings in 2018 are July 7 and October 6, at 1-712-775-7085, 690690#.

Literature Committee Goals:

  1. Update existing literature
  2. Review and develop literature submitted by the fellowship, ABC and WSO, and to propose new literature as needed
  3. Oversee publication of books, trifolds, pamphlets, e-literature and audio books
  4. Assist international translation committees in spreading ACA’s message
  5. Identify and manage cost-effective publication strategies for international markets
  6. Work with other WSO entities to ensure that WSO’s literature operations employ sound business practices and have a clear long-term publication plan
  7. Be transparent—regularly inform the fellowship through quarterly teleconference calls, updating of the website, and timely response to membership inquiries
  8. Encourage broad participation of volunteers, so that the Literature Committee and fellowship work together in shaping and carrying out WSO’s literature mission.

Volunteers Needed!!! (And Wanted)


Virtually every aspect of the Literature Committee depends on volunteers. 2017 was an exciting year, as volunteer writing teams were formed to spearhead two major development projects: the “Getting Started” text and the “Loving Parent Workbook.” Volunteers also are critical to the ComLinenewsletter, and tothe Literature Evaluation Subcommittee.  All international translation teams are entirely volunteer-run, and any U.S. resident with foreign-language skills is urged to support translation teams.

Volunteers may email their interest to [email protected].

Highlights from 2017 and early 2018

  • Literature Development, Evaluation and Updates:
    • Wrote a Trifold for adult children in AA and other fellowships, and submitted it for ABC approval
    • Began writing “Getting Started,” a scaled-down text for people still learning the program
    • Began development of the Loving Parent Workbook, commissioned at the 2017 ABC
    • Re-established a Literature Evaluation subcommittee, to evaluate new-literature proposals
    • Progress has been made on 2017 ABC literature motions
    • Employed a “fellowship-driven” development model. The “Getting Started,” “Loving Parent Workbook” and evaluation teams all are populated by WSO volunteers.
  • Publications and International Distribution:
    • Published International Spanish Big Red Book
    • Published four ComLine online magazines
    • Established a new international sales channel through Amazon UK
    • Printed foreign language ACA literature in Europe for the first time. These printings accounted for 5,600 copies:
      • 1,500 Russian Big Red Books (first time in print)
      • 2,000 Swedish Newcomer booklets (first time in print and one reprint)
      • 500 Finnish Yellow Workbooks (first time in print)
      • 500 Castilian Spanish Big Red Books (first time in print)
      • 550 Danish Big Red Books (first reprint in Europe)
      • 550 Danish Yellow Workbooks (first reprint in Europe)
  • Policy and Transparency:
    • Publication and posting of a Literature Development Policy
    • Interactive Quarterly Literature Committee calls, first Saturday of each quarter
    • Began literature distribution study with Finance and other committees to ensure cost-effective publishing proposals


The Literature Committee has an executive committee and five subcommittees. The following is a list of senior literature volunteers:

  • Literature Committee chair: Charlie H.
  • Literature Executive Committee: Charlie H., David McB., Jeffrey F., Majbrit M., and Tamara P.
  • Business Operations Subcommittee chair: David McB.
  • Literature Development Subcommittee chair: Tamara P.
  • International Literature Subcommittee chair: Jeffrey F.
  • Translation Subcommittee chair: Majbrit M.
  • ComLine Subcommittee chair: Mardi M.
  • Literature Staff: Robin R.

Additional Literature Committee Highlights for 2017

Literature Executive subcommittee – this group includes Charlie H, Majbrit M, Jeffrey F, David McB, Tamara P, and Robin R.

Literature Evaluation subcommittee – Tamara P is now serving as Chair of the Literature Evaluation subcommittee. It comprises different groups of volunteers. The groups’ purposes are to evaluate new literature submissions and ideas, and to determine if they meet WSO Literature Committee review criteria. Following are the initial review criteria:

  1. Is it of broad value? Or is it a niche product? Is it focused enough to give guidance while not being too narrow or diffuse in scope?
  2. Does it fill a significant hole? Or does it largely repeat what already is available?
    • Where does it fit in with literature we have currently available e.g., newcomers, beginners, old-timer, service, etc.?
    • Does it need to be a standalone, or can it be folded into existing literature?
    • If it does repeat existing material, does it make that content more accessible?
  3. How does it fit in with ACA recovery? Does it provide meaningful insight or help in working the program?
  4. Are there any obvious issues regarding practicality, utility? Will it actually help people?
  5. What form of publication is envisioned? Book, pamphlet, trifold, etc.?
  6. Does it present copyright issues, by repeating copyrighted material?
  7. Does it align, or conflict, with core ACA literature and foundational ACA doctrine?
  8. Is it easily and meaningfully translated to other languages?
  9. Would we buy this, if available?
  10. If there is reason to publish, will extensive revisions be needed? Will it be a slow, resource-intensive production process?

Each group reviews or tests their assigned piece, and sends the Literature Committee their conclusions, including:

  • how the literature tested
  • what the piece would need to be effective, etc.

This procedure is applied to all submissions and is designed to allow for a fair and impartial review of literature. A comprehensive list of literature pending review will be posted on the Literature Committee website in 2018.

Literature Development subcommittee – Tamara P is serving as Chair of the Literature Development subcommittee. Two projects are in development: the Little Big Red Book (LBRB), led by Charlie H, and the Loving Parent Workbook (LPW), led by Bonnie M. Development projects and activities will be included in aquarterly update of WSO development priorities.

We are currently evaluating project management tools to apply to all literature evaluation and development projects. These tools will streamline and standardize the literature evaluation process for the numerous pieces in our review and development queues.

Literature Development Policy – ACA World Service Organization welcomes literature submissions from the fellowship. A new policy to guide submissions is posted on the Literature Committee webpages. Anyone seeking to submit or propose a literature project is encouraged to read the Development Policy.

International Literature subcommittee –This committee is chaired by Jeffrey F. in Prague, Czech Republic.

The primary goals of the International Literature Subcommittee includes such activities as:

  1. Sourcing and contracting local or regional design, printing and delivery of ACA literature;
  2. Creating pricing and distribution policies and strategies for ACA literature outside the US. These activities ensure that ACA literature (particularly in foreign languages) outside the US is:
    • More affordable to local national fellowships because it is produced closer to home;
    • More readily available because it offers more flexibility and reduces long delivery times;
    • More profitable for the WSO and local IGs because of a local transparent pricing policy.

Translation subcommittee – This committee is chaired by Majbrit M., a WSO trustee from Denmark.

The translation subcommittee works with the literature staff to assist and guide volunteer translation teams, and to set priorities for translation projects. The Translation subcommittee also is drafting a comprehensive policy and guidance document to help WSO and volunteers to manage translation efforts in a consistent and effective manner.

International Distribution Project – Through our account with Amazon in the UK, we now offer Addresses in the United Kingdom, German, Spain, France, and Italy can receive our books without having to pay international shipping costs from the US.

To purchase literature through the WSO store front, visit:

European Fulfillment – To further address high international shipping costs, we have established a third-party fulfillment account in Europe to reduce the costs for European fulfillment options. This looks to be the most viable solution to reducing the shipping cost of English and Spanish language literature to adult children in Europe. All booklets available for sale on the ACA website have been translated into Finnish, Danish, Spanish, and Russian, and are being formatted and barcoded prior to printing and delivery to the third-party fulfillment service provider.

Book Seeding Project – Several International ACA Groups and ACA Intergroups participate in this project to achieve savings in shipping costs.

ComLine– The third anniversary of the revived ComLinenewsletter is April 2018. Mardi M continues to serve as Editor. Our committee proofreaders continue to fine-tune the correct placement of the English written word.

The ComLine is being offered quarterly, with the focus of each issue as follows:

  • January – March (1st Quarter), Steps 1, 2, 3 and Traditions 1, 2, 3
  • April – June (2nd Quarter) Steps 4, 5, 6 and Traditions 4, 5, 6
  • July – September (3rd Quarter), Steps 7, 8, 9 and Traditions 7, 8, 9
  • October – December (4th Quarter) Steps 10, 11, 12 and Traditions 10, 11, 12

We are looking for a volunteer to do layout. A background in graphic design, with experience in InDesign would be most useful. We thank all adult children who take the time to write down and share their experience, strength and hope with our readers.

We encourage all adult children to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope through their writings, drawings, photos, and poems. We especially seek shares from adult children around the world. These adult children have said, “My inner child does not speak English.” Shares written in the language of one’s childhood are printed as they are submitted. Send your creations to [email protected].

a-BRB – This unabridged recording is 22 hours and 17 minutes long, and comprises the entire content of the Fellowship Text. It is downloadable from Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, and the links can be found on our website, Sales for 2017 were 1,966 a-BRBs.

We began offering the Meditation book, Strengthening My Recovery, as an e-BRB in 2017. Since the initial offering, we have sold a total of 1,050 e-SMRs.

e-BRB – All totaled, we have sold 13,910 e-BRBs.

Translations – Translation activity is increasing. We are developing a translation policy to help guide and assist translators.

International Spanish BRB – The International Spanish BRB was completed and introduced at the 2017 ABC. It is currently in the production queue as an e-book.

Castilian Spanish BRB – The Castilian Spanish BRB was also completed, and introduced at an ACA European meeting. It is currently in the production queue as an e-book.

Japanese BRB – Thanks to the service of Hiroko I. and the Japanese translation group, the Japanese BRB translation is nearly complete. They have finalized the book, and are completing a second round of proofing. This book will include the new Appendix D: “The Laundry Lists and Their Flip Sides”.

Polish BRB – The first Polish intergroup and translation team who contacted us in June have translated a big part of the BRB into Polish.

Greek BRB –Greek intergroup and translation team translated three books: The Fellowship Text, the 12 Steps Workbook, and our meditation book, Strengthening My Recovery. The Fellowship Text and 12 Steps Workbook are still being revised. We anticipate offering Strengthening My Recoveryin Greek as an e-book in 2018.

French BRB – The translation group in Quebec, Montreal is continuing the effort to translate the BRB into French. Native French speaking members who reside in Arizona and Florida are offering assistance.

Russian BRB – Translation is complete and published.

Status of 2017 ABC requests

  • Motion 3: Create a Loving Parent Workbook, to expand on themes introduced in Chapter 8 of the Big Red Book.
    • Action: A development team was formed, led by Bonnie M., who introduced the Loving Parent Workbook ballot proposal. The project is in development, with a tentative completion goal of 2019.
  • Motion 4: Review existing literature on sponsorship/fellow travelers, and recommend changes that would make ACA literature on this topic for clarity and consistency.
    • Action: This motion was referred to the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee, along with a fellowship-submitted trifold on sponsorship. Our goal is to host 1-2 teleconference calls on sponsorship, which will be open to the fellowship, and recommend revisions to the 2019 ABC. The first new anticipated publication is a revised WSO trifold on sponsorship, with eventual changes to the BRB and other ACA publications.
  • Motion 8: Change BRB reference related to drug use, to clarify that ACA warns against abuse of prescription medication, not all use.
    • Action: Change will be implemented in next BRB reprint will be reflected in future BRB publications, including translations, when possible.
  • Motion 11: Change introduction to Laundry List to include “or otherwise dysfunctional”
    • Action: Change is being implemented in reprints, including translations.

Goals for 2018

  • Completion of “Getting Started” text
  • Work on “Loving Parent Workbook,” with a tentative 2019 publication date
  • Trifold directed to Therapists
  • Continue to support translation and cost-effective international publication efforts
  • Write and post a translation manual, and send it to all translation committees
  • Complete Yellow Workbook update and prepare for publication
  • Complete sponsorship/fellow traveler update
  • Review and update literature relating to “13th Stepping.”
  • Research and propose an outreach plan to increase awareness and circulation of ComLine
  • All literature files securely stored and backed up.
  • Comprehensively review existing trifolds, and begin revising as needed.
  • Review intellectual property forms and revise as needed.
  • Quarterly posting of project status updates, including fellowship literature submissions

Summary – The Literature Committee’s current workload consists of a mix of new literature development, translation work, and logistical support for other projects, including the ComLine and the overseas distribution effort. We currently offer literature in nineteen languages. Though we have established a baseline process for getting literature in the queue, we are keenly aware of the rest of the world’s need for literature and desire for translated materials. With this in mind, we are planning to introduce the industry standard of publishing e-books simultaneously with, or before that of print books. This will ease the burden of physical distribution, and will allow immediate access to our literature for those in the recovery and treatment communities.

With translations, we are expanding the base of our offerings. With the offering of the International Spanish BRB, we anticipate a surge in demand for Spanish literature, which will augment the existing demand for English and the anticipated demand for additional literature in Russian and Greek. Expanding globally to our expanding audience base will help to reduce the shipping costs of sending literature overseas. The primary area in which we are lacking is person hours.


With great appreciation for the support received from each Board member, past and present, the outstanding dedicated office staff, and all the wonderful volunteers who have assisted the Literature Committee’s work, we are…

Deeply in your debt,

The Literature Committee