Minutes for June 2018

Monthly EC Teleconference

May 5th 2018

14:00 CEST



Please notify the secretary at EU-Secretary@adultchildren.org with changes, additions, or motions for this meeting.

A.  Call to Order:  Please be sure that any background noises in your area are eliminated since the sounds make it difficult for participants to hear.  When speaking, please say your name first. This will help us record your name with your input. Thank you.

1)  Open with the Serenity Prayer

2)  Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry the message to the adult child who still suffers.


  • Just back from ABC & AWC & WSO Board Meeting
  • Majbrit hasn’t been able to connect into her ACA email account.
  • Summary of ABC & implications for SWEDEN 2019 – a motion was brought up at ABC that the AWC should always follow the ABC.  If the host city accept this.  Voted in by majority of fellowship at ABC.  Majbrit has spoken with Frederik and host committee meet tomorrow and are going to vote this in.  Majbrit has absolute trust in the Swedes ability to host this.  There are many Swedish volunteers and many Americans also volunteered to support them. 
  • Charlie – in Feb 2017 it was decided to have the ABC in Sweden and do Annual World Convention separately in USA.  When Jim was doing the report about ABC – he asked why ABC & AWC were separate for 2019.  BIG discussions were held at the ABC.  We are a WORLD FELLOWSHIP and we should treat Europe the same as US.  BIG statement to board.  Lots of US were among the delegates about supporting ACA in Europe and other countries too.  Charlie felt delegates very strongly pro-Europe.
  • Jim – Brooklyn USA.  Agreed, general attitude was let’s put the WORLD into World Service.  It’s easier to have them together than 2 separate events. 
  • QUESTIONS invited:
  • Denis, Russia – thinks very symbolic to hold AWC in Sweden – opportunities for ESH for whole world as world convention is financially supported.  So his belief is that all people in both continents can be satisfied
  • Charlie – we voted not to do a second convention.  Just ONE AWC – maybe other activities in North American. Keep it unified.
  • Russia – Denis – about 3 new meetings in Moscow in last 2 months.  Some meetings in 2 Russians will hold open ACA at AA conventions – it was popular last year.  The date of Moscow Convention isn’t yet set. 2nd printing of BRB arrived last week with another 1000 books printed.  
  • Germany – Alexia – finished translation project – first 9 free downloadable have been sent to all meetings for a Group Conscience to be done and after will send them with any amendments to WSO for approval.  German website to be launched by end of May – .  First ACA event in Germany in 2019 – 29-31st March 2019.
  • Estonia – Kadrii-Liisa – not much news.  Russian group celebrated their 1st year and asked her advice and she checked BRB and joined their Business Meeting.  New Treasurer.  We read Meditation Book in Estonian.  
  • CZ – Tanya – CZ/SK/Eng groups forming an IG and hopefully will have some more events together later in the year.
  • AWC Sponsorship workshop run by Majbrit & Charlie at AWC – how to be a good sponsor and a channel on Slack about Sponsorship has been set up.  
  • Charlie – in 2017 there was a motion at ABC to give clearer information about sponsorship/co-traveler.  This new Slack channel and working group is to figure out how to give newcomers good guidance while they’re starting in ACA and avoiding codependency that’s problematic in ACA.  Anyone can join this channel and do service.  Newcomers at AWC felt it would be helpful and many of the attendees were 3-4 years in but scared of doing sponsorship.  All are looking forward to discussion and provide more ACA literature on how to get started – ranging from a sponsors manual to a 6 week Mentor’s program to help newcomers understand the basics.  Should be more information coming.
  • Preventing Abusive and Predatory Behaviour  – A Slack Channel has also set up to avoid predatorily behaviour or 13th stepping.  How to be safe in meetings.  There’s not sufficient info in BRB – how to apply Traditions to this topic.  The Channel on Slack is addrsng_pred_behavior.  It seems all 12 step meetings have these issues
  • Kadrii Liisa – how to join these groups?
  • Charlie – If you are already in Slack, you can give your name and you can be invited.  
  • ACA events in Europe – compiled by Tanya – to be updated on individual country website pages – see below, includes European AA events that ACA InterGroups can approach about co-operating togetherReaching out to other 12 Step groups Charlie explained one of 2 pieces approved in Toronto is a trifold to AA members and should be easy to translate – https://acawso.org/2018/04/07/new-literature-for-fellowship-review-finding-emotional-sobriety-trifold/ 
  • Translation Committees sub-committee regular call – will be valuable for each country.
  • NEXT MONTH more about 2019 ABC & AWC.  
  • Group Inventory – query from Alexia, Germany – Charlie explained it didn’t get discussed in Toronto but it’s being worked on by Group.  Would you like to be involved?  Will report next EC call

Motion to close meeting 15.00

Closed with ACA Serenity Prayer.

NEXT MEETING:  Sat 2nd June 14.00 CEST