Agenda & Minutes

Monthly EC Teleconference reporting for June 2019

Evolving European Committee

DATE 1 June 14:00 CET 

Next EC Meeting – Sat 22nd June

The EC calls now take place on Zoom:

Zoom Meeting:


Majbrit – Chair of EC
Charlie H – WSO Chair

Alexia – Germany (Host)

Sylvia – Spain

Pat – UK

Veronica – Switzerland

Alexandra – Switzerland
Arjan – NL

Edmundas – Lithuania?

Frederik – Sweden

Markus S – Sweden

Mikkel L – Denmark

Kadri-Liisa – Estonia via Skype

Tanya M – Australia

Sophia A – Greece

Lena – Finland?

Opened at 14.03, Welcome by Majbrit

Recording by Alexia

Reminder to mute phone while not talking

Tradition 6 – An ACA group ought never endorse, finance or lend the ACA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

ACA Serenity Prayer

Meeting minutes:

  • Zoom protocol for participation by using the Raise Hand button so facilitator (Alexia) can bring people in
  • Group Conscience called upon to agree on agenda (see below) for discussion; has it been read?
  • Who is willing to lead the meeting?  Alexia

*  Clarification from Charlie, Chair of WSO – thanks for joining us and many spoke in Sweden.  As Majbrit is leaving WSO Board in a year, and a new EC Chair needs to be found and handed over to let’s talk about service needs in Europe.  I notice in the first month that people are asking:

    1. What’s it supposed to look like?  We don’t know; we’re reimagining and allowing the process to create clarity on what does Europe fellowship look/need in 3-5 years from now and we’ll have a full response to give feedback to WSO
    2. Who has voting rights? – everyone has equal participation in this process and to give your opinions.  We’re starting something new.  Agenda has been drafted by a planning committee of volunteers who’ve stepped up to do service

What’s the right path forward is what we all agree on.

This is a long agenda and for the WSO Board calls, we start with agenda and if we know we’re getting off the phone in an hour, what are the most important and what are next steps before getting off the call.  What do people see as decisions that need to be made?  What can we cover in an hour today?

  • Keep minutes brief
  • Priorities within the Agenda – see below & to be discussed on next Minsk planning meeting on Sat 22nd June
  • Europe Service Planning Group – Charlie, Majbrit, Alexia, Veronika, Frederik, Mikkel & Marc invite ALL to
    • Join Slack and contribute on the Europe_Service_Open channel – ask if you need guidance
    • Make suggestions ASAP for the 
      • Minsk event on Sat 29th July
      • Draft agenda below
    • Put this forward ASAP so the Service Planning group can hold some discussions and have a draft program for Minsk in place for next June 22nd 
    • Ask who in your fellowships is willing to help their recovery and do service?  Please invite them to join us

ACA Serenity Prayer

After the meeting:

LIVE update from Jeffrey in Minsk:  

I’ve spent Sat 1st June meeting with the Minsk IG:

Zhana – Chair

Grisha – Treasurer

Lena – Chair of Organizing Committee

Kira – Secretary

Olga – Interpretor/Translator

To walk through all of the meeting rooms, view the restaurants for lunch, sort out various details, and check out restaurants within walking distance for dinner that Saturday evening.

I am also staying at the hotel, and although it has three stars next to its name, the overall quality seems quite good to me and comparable to some four star hotels I have seen in the West.

I also took some videos of the meeting rooms and I think they are ideal for our purposes. We also decided the best restaurant for the lunch option was the one on the 22nd floor which has great views of Minsk and should entice locals to join the lunch as one big family gathering.

As I see it now, the main issue has to do with confirming numbers for who plans to attend the event, eat lunch, and join us for dinner.

The Minsk IG will be handling all registrations for Russian speakers and we should handle registrations for English speakers.

Service request:  Who will do service of handling registrations for the English speakers?

We need to know numbers asap.

Please start planning your attendance – details at

Looking forward to our next call on Saturday June 22nd,  

Majbrit, Charlie and the Interim EC Organizing Committee – Alexia, Mikkel, Veronika, Frederik, Marc

Agenda for next call June 22nd:

a)      Establishing an Interim EC Board & Volunteering on the new EC Service Structure

b)      Timetable for New Processes & Roadmap for the EC Event in Minsk

c)       Discussing a Proposed Service Structure

1.       Basics

a.       Bottom-up elections process for country representatives

b.       Descriptions of services positions

c.       Qualifications for EC board members

d.       Qualifications for chairs and vice chairs of sub committees


2.       Restructuring the EC Board/Establishing Sub-Committees

a.       EC-Board members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

b.       EC-Sub-Committees: e.g. Service Structure (incl. Service Sponsors), Literature, Website, ABC, MPS, Host Committee for EC Events


3.       List of candidates for the Interim EC board

a.       Chair (Note: Majbrit is the current chair until the next ABC)

b.       Vice chair

c.       Secretary

d.       Treasurer

e. Website??

4.       List of candidates for the sub-committees

a.       Chairs

b.       Vice Chairs

5.       List of volunteers for the Sub-Committees

6.       Future Topics: Regions