Minutes for October 9th, 2019

European Committee Working Session (EC TC)

Time: 20:15 CET




A. Chair invites our higher power and opens the meeting 

B. Members of the Interim European Committee 

Present: Majbrit Chair DEN, Mikkel second vice Chair DEN, Markus vice Web SWE, Jeanette Secretary SWE, Fredrik vice Chair SWE, Mark vice Literature NLD, Veronica Treasurer CHE, Päivi Service sponsor coordinator FIN

Absent: Marjo Webmaster FIN, Charlie WSO Chair USA

C. Approval of minutes from our last meeting

D. Tabled business

1. ZOHO – our working tool?


Majbrit presented the tool ZOHO and we discussed if this was going to be our working tool. The group had some questions about the pros and cons with having multiple systems for filing, sending and creating documents in service.

Decision: Jeanette will investigate the systems more and contact Jim for answers. Tabled to next meeting.

2. The Header for the WSO website
The header is not written. Tabled ‘til next meeting.

E. New business
Anyone can write to the secretary at least 3 days in advance of the following EC 

Teleconference to have an item added to the agenda. The(se) item(s) will appear here:

  1. Emails within EC
    Suggestion to change our contacts on the web as soon as possible. Vice-web will take the question to webmaster so that the groups/countries can get in touch with the committee. Mikkel and Majbrit will write a text to publish with our emails to Markus and Marjo.
  2. Upcoming budget for 2020
    The budget needs to be handed in december 1st for approval by WSO. Until now it is only board members who can get travel expenses from the budget which is not the most strategic way to go since we are many to share the responsibility and servicework and it would be a good idea to send the person from ECTC who lives the closest to the country in need of service. Another thing discussed was the need and importance of a yearly work meeting live for the ECTC within budget.
  3. Country representatives
    (how do we update information about the people in service)
    Do we think it is a good idea to name a country representative? Do we see any problem with making a list and have it updated? The question was tabled to the next meeting since the time ran out.
  4. Update on the Excel Majbrit is working on

K. Next meeting
Wednesday 23rd October at 20:15

Close with ACA Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant Me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change

The courage to change the one I can

And the wisdom to know that one is me

(From Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (BRB), Chapter 14)