Loving Parent Guidebook Project Update


Over the last ten months, the Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG) Subcommittee has been reorganizing and refining the guidebook and artwork. We just received feedback from many readers who read the full third LPG draft. As we incorporate their input, our art team is fine-tuning the artwork.


As soon as we complete our revisions, we will send the LPG to the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee. Literature Evaluation Subcommittee readers will then evaluate the LPG against standard criteria. Out of that process, the LPG will receive one of two decisions:

  • Recommend as-is. Sent to the board for approval to move into publication (which includes proofreading, layout, etc.)
  • Recommend for further development. Returns to the LPG Subcommittee with feedback and suggestions for revisions


We don’t have a publication date yet, but we are happy to report that we’re making steady progress. We hope to get this book to you as soon as possible!


In the meantime, you can check out one of the three “Reparenting Check-In” meetings that have sprung up since the LPG spring 2020 workshops. These groups are thriving and use the reparenting check-in format, which is a practical way to begin connecting with the inner child and inner teen. It takes courage to break the “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel rules” and nurture your inner child or inner teen in a group. And it validates those younger parts of us like nothing else!


Visit www.adultchildren.org to find them under online meetings or contact them here:

Monday. Reparenting Check-in (pop-in format)

3-4 pm Eastern. Zoom meeting.

Email for Zoom info: [email protected]


Wednesday. ACA Reparenting Check-in Meeting (pop-in format)

8:15-9:15 pm Eastern. Recurring phone meeting.

(425) 436-6340 Passcode: 709108


Thursday. True Self Group ACA (silent guided format with R3 minute shares after). Zoom meeting.

12:00-1:00 pm Eastern. Email for Zoom info: [email protected]


The Loving Parent Guidebook is an ACA WSO Literature Committee project. It began as a ballot proposal and is on the path to becoming conference-approved literature. Due to some confusion, we want to clarify that there is no draft of the LPG in circulation or available on the WSO website. Any pamphlets or workbooks currently available are independent publications not affiliated with ACA WSO. Once published, the Loving Parent Guidebook will be for sale at adultchildren.org.