Literature Report

September 2012


Most of the time over the last month has gone in to getting the e-BRB on line and jump starting the Meditation Book Project.


The e-BRB is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Since being upload on or about August 16, 2012, there were 113 purchases of the e-BRB.


The Meditation Book Project held a group conscience to decide the parameters of the project.  The idea has been put forward to publish the submissions in the Comline and invite fellowship feedback.

Mary Jo (IL), was selected as Meditation Group Project Trusted Servant.  Annie (CA) has indicated her willingness to work as an editor and Denise (VA) has agreed to layout the Comline.  


Audio BRB – Releases have been received by the Signal Hill Office.


Circulation of Conference Approved Draft.  The drafts were or are being sent via e-mail and snail mail.  Received edits to both from Annie.


ACA Is… – Hebrew translations is ready for posting.  Japanese translation is being worked on.


Literature Policy tri-fold is drafted.  Will present it to the Board in October.


Moving forward with Drafting the “Public Information Literature” asked for by the 2012 ABC.


Danish BRB – The raw file received from Jesper was sent to the layout person.


Spanish BRB – North American is working, however, the Spanish translation leader has rotated off and no one has taken his place.  We estimate about 2/3 of the book is done and currently being reviewed by the North American Group.  Hopefully someone will step up in Spain and continue their translation effort.


Japanese BRB – Authorization given to proceed with translation after Tamap Bay determined their translation as very good.


Per Rachelle’s instruction, the Literature Committee suggests that the Board write an e-mail to Rachelle to see if she could find and send word files of BRB, Workbook, layout of Comline.  Also, the ACA WSO’s ISBN’s, copyright certificates, legal bills.


Literature Committee