ACA WSO Web/database Report for the October 2013 Teleconference.

The number of registered meetings has grown to 1222 meetings as of October 4. I am now receiving meeting list update error reports, and am working with David and Gloria to resolve various data related issues as they arise (new cities with ACA meetings, new countries, typos, etc.).

Larry continues negotiations with Centauria ( in developing a new WSO ACA web site in a similar manner to that developed for NA.

The Repository 2014 ABC web area has been established, though not yet ready for public viewing (available for board member viewing/review only).  It’s currently waiting for updates and review by the ABC committee; I will set the area public once approved by the committee.

Copies of the draft Meditation Book and Public Information Pamphlet remain available through the repository for review and comment by the fellowship (see  These have been made available using Google Docs in a read-only format for review purposes only and unavailable for download or printing.

On Oct 19, Gloria will be coming to Prescott and we will be meetings to begin the transfer of various web related functions to her.  These tasks will involve making updates to the various areas of the Repository and in monitoring/updating the ACA meeting and InterGroup lists on the current web site.  Once the new web site is in place, she will also assume responsibility for updating the remainder of the web site, including the home page.  With the many details involved, it will be a busy day.

Finally, I continue to monitor the Shopping Cart, making manual corrections to the Shopping Cart and related Pay Pal account as needed.

Scott R.
ACA WSO Webmaster