The work of connecting Europa is still going on and much of my effort will be concentrated on helping Gunta and Lisa making the conference in Riga a success. I’m in contact with Gunta and are to speak in Riga about our structure and how to build inter groups and the fellow ship in general.


This work will go on during the summer, and I’m trying to connect with other inter groups as well.

This month I’ve been in contact with Ireland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Luxembourg where I’m supporting new meetings. I Denmark we’re in for a structural change and hopefully we’ll get our translating committee in place  we’ll also be addressing the topic of public media and what to do about certain pages on the internet.

ABC in Chicago was a great success and it was an honor to be there. We were approximately 40 people mostly from the Chicago area. Lots of old-timers with more than 25 years they brought a certainty to the meeting. The launch of our new webpage is imminent and Larry took us through the many changes. I’d like to stress that it is going to be much easier than the one we have now and I would like to pass on an invitation to you to get The Problem, The Laundry List, The 12 steps

The Promises, The Traditions, The Solutions, FAQ translated in your own languages for our international home page, as it will help people who have difficulty in English to be able to find answers in their own language. Hopefully I’ll be able to show the new webpage in Latvia explaining how to work it. 

The Campus of Trinity was huge, the food was good and the Chicago Inter Group had done a great job in planning, picking people up and service in general. But you’ll be able to read much more in the minutes of the ABC under ABC at the Repository.

Here some personal observations:

I got to see Chicago, Shop, see the Bean. The Shears tower, awesome. The botanical garden and my impression was that the city is recovering from a long hard winter. I bought a cheep plane ticket and got to travel for 19 hours coming in. I’ll never do that again. It killed my back but it also gave me a very special experience with MJ. So I’m thankful.

From a place of Love

in service