If you are interested in helping to shape the future of ACA, and wish to do service from a space of love, please contact the Literature Committee by using the Contact Us link on the website.

Robin R has a new role as Literature Committee Design Editor (LCDE). In her new role, the LCDE will work on centralizing and maintaining all literature projects, among other duties.

Website Rebuild
The “go live” target date is for the website rebuild is pending final updates.

Audio BRB
The final, digitally tagged audio BRB is now in review will be offered on the new website.

Sales for December were 247 e-books sold.  All tolled, we have sold 6,372 e-BRBs.

Multilingual Translations

  • Global interest in translated materials continues to grow. Translators are primarily working on free translations.
  • The entire BRB translated into Spanish will go into production soon.
  • We received a sample section of the BRB in Russian for layout testing.

An organizational meeting for the revived ComLine is scheduled for January 10 from 12:00-12:45 CST. Several volunteers want to participate, and we are hoping adult children around the world will contribute shares. The focus of the relaunched (April) edition will be on STEPS/TRADITIONS 4 through 6, and any other ACA recovery related topics. We would especially like to include foreign language shares from our translation groups. Submissions deadline is Sunday, March 1.

Fuller Picture – 4×4 – Affects/Effects Book Review
The Laundry List: A fuller picture of the effects and the affects of being raised in an alcoholic or dysfunctional family is on the website for membership review and commentary through February 2015. We have received several comments from individuals and from groups/intergroups. Production will commence March 1.

Basic Five and Six Essential Tasks
The Basic Five and Six Essential Tasks approved at the 2014 ABC is ready for pre-production. We are seeking volunteers able to write on this subject.

Workbook / Ready, Set, Go / Canadian Step Study
Delegates at the 2013 ABC the suggested that the workbook needed some guidelines. There was also an approved proposal to add more questions and exercises to the workbook Steps 6 through 12. Our Chicago group developed Ready, Set, Go, a message of groups working the steps, and a Canada group simultaneously developed a similar group study format. These two messages will be evaluated for inclusion as guidelines for using the workbook. In addition, enhancement of Steps 6 through 12 will be concurrent with this evaluation.

Sincerely yours in service,

Larry A., Literature Chair, ACA WSO Trustee
Ines, Z., ACA WSO Trustee, Spanish Translation and Group Liaison
Allen C., ACA WSO Trustee, Translations
Robin R., Staff

Committee Members

Phyllis R., ComLine Coordinator
Bonnie G., ComLine Contributor
Karen A., Proofreader
Linda W. Contributor
Bob B., Copyrights Coordinator

On-Going Translation Groups