ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536



In March we received 481 requests. I sent 701 emails. We got 92 telephone calls (5-10 a day during web transition)

International connections made this month:

UK, Germany, S Africa, China, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador,  Canada, Turkey, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Transylvania, Mexico, Kenya,

Remarkable events:

 ———– Around the world: The UK order was found! S African meeting ordering 10 yellow workbooks, a woman in China and Nastya worked together to help her attend phone meetings using a calling card, there used to be registered meetings in Venezuela but there aren’t any now so I am asking Ines to find some status using a few email contacts, Turkey continues to work in Translations, Austria is working on a 20 item order, Jude explained the Lights On program to an Egyptian member, I told the member in China I’ve been working with that her meeting is the only meeting listed in country now,  she and I are working to get literature in the hands of professionals, I forwarded an email to Robin about a company inquiring about warehousing and distributing literature in Europe, from S. Af: could we get the workbook in electronic version? We got an email in Hungarian from Transylvania with an idea about literature, a member reached out in Mexico for meetings, S AF meeting asked for monetary donations for many needs, I explained Tradition 7 etc., the meeting we helped in Zambia is helping a meeting in Finland with literature. 

———– Intergroups: I attended the FL IG meeting and it was a good experience to hear their service work being done and I put them in touch with IGSC and gave them some new website tips to pass on to meetings. IG70 West Great Lakes contacted us and worked with IGSC. AZ IG was sent an opportunity for service. Los Angeles CA has an IG now. PA IG is making an event in the Spring, it is posted.

———-ABC: a member reached out to share rooming, the Tradition 11 notice didn’t include the word “personal” as noted by a member and a 2nd notice went out that groups may change their vote if they so choose. Very Many groups reached out for help finding where to upload their votes. We received 6 “mail delivery errors” in spam folder which I trashed. Later I was shown they were ABC registrations that had “lost their way” cyber-speaking, so I sent 7 to the ABC committee on 3/22/15, a group asked to upload on the 23rd, but they could not.

———–Teamwork: Gloria 59, Scott 13, Office 51, Sam 8 Majbrit 10, MaryJo 9, Ines 2, Literature Committee 19, Comline 1, H&I 2, IGSC 4 Executive Board: 4 Website Basecamp 29 Jude: 52 Nastya: 38, Nastya lives in Russia and can not do call backs. Due to the Web transition, I sent several to Jude and Nastya in a one day period, they both were happy to help.

———–Website Comments: Broken links broken links broken links, I can’t make your website work, I want to search 99 miles from zip code, Can the events link be more visible, can we show all phone meetings on one page, the events are wrong now, the flyers don’t open on the events page, find a meeting isn’t working like it used to, the contact us link didn’t work, can’t find intergroups, most links don’t work, telephone list is all out of order,  some meetings are missing,  where are the speakers now. Between March 2nd and March 10th it was pretty hairy. The Contact Us requests were stuck for a few days, but when they were found, we got it all sorted. There is a new feature in the shopping cart where people can ask a question about a product and that was a nice new type of question to answer. I told Gloria that we have a link on our site on the Internet page. Many password issues in store, error message while selecting shipping option, international order page not working, two meeting type categories are not working: 1-Gay, 2-Lesbian, AU would like the list to be in order of states. I was able to fix the settings so that the stray emails that arrive in xcart come to MPS for me to divvy out. 

———–Events:  1-event was posted (PA IG event). The old event link was I put a link on that page to show where to go for the new events page There are 4 non WSO events listed. There are 2 WSO sponsored events listed: The yearly Annual Business Conference and the monthly Teleconference.

———– Public Information related: BBI packages: 2 Chemical Dependency Therapists in IL, a Psychotherapist in Brooklyn, NY, a large treatment center in IL, a CA Crisis Residential facility, a medical group in SD,  CA therapist reached out for meeting list & I set her up with BBI too. After getting BBI’s its good that they get meeting lists, I had Nastya help me this way. Gloria told me that from 5-8-2014 until the end of the year there were 129 books sent and Year to date this year there are 78 books sent, a TX Christian counselor requested literature and I am working with him, a Navy chaplain reached out for literature,  a chaplain is holding her own meetings in a facility and calling them ACA meetings and sponsoring others as a chaplain, so we are working with her about that, a woman writing a paper asks to include the LL and I am working with her, we received 2 requests from Coda WSO requesting we link ACA to Coda in some way and Exec is on this. The American School Counselor Association Conference held in AZ this June reached out for our participation and the AZ IG was offered this opportunity. A TN Treatment facility wants to have meetings brought in, Joan has this. A person in Russia suggested we link up with “Google for Non-Profits” website and I said we couldn’t do that. MADD asked if ACA would like them to come and make a presentation. I updated ACA’s information on

———–From the fellowshipTelephone meetings: 10-concerns (registered meetings no one there or music playing), -complaint, -for guidance,- –Facebook: 0  Comments: we got the bank to open an account for our meeting! Can someone explain the group service roles? (I directed her in the book). A member offered IT service, is it ok to mention ACA in Facebook posts or does that break my anonymity, what are the age limits in ACA, can we link the WSO site with the So CA convention site? Could the meditation book be in electronic format?

—–Common requests this month:  = I just discovered ACA how do I start a meeting? I need help with setting up an ACA bank account, 501C questions, I need a sponsor, I need a therapist

This is me signing off, thank you for this opportunity to share my ACA recovery with you through service. This will be my last report. I will devote April to training and correcting the 100s of broken links on the new website, since it was me who wrote a lot of the templates and the links were for the old website. I will clean up the GoDaddy box and get it ready for our new special worker. She and I will work all month daily to transition. The next report might cover 2 months or one, I’ll leave that to her.

Sincerely yours in recovery, adult child, Vonnie Gallegos