The financial statements that I present monthly for WSO are our Balance Sheet and our Profit and Loss Statement (P&L.)  7th Tradition contributions are shown on the sub-tab under Treasurer’s Report.

The Balance Sheet shows WSO Assets, Liabilities and Equity. With some of the funds available we will be hiring additional people in the near future, which will also mean additional furniture and equipment. So expenses will rise.

The P&L shows both last month’s figures and the accumulation year-to-date. On the last line you will see that the net income for February was $16,325. There will be many expenses in the next 2 months that will be attributed to the Annual Business Conference and the first annual ACA World Convention.

Questions about WSO financials can be directed to me at

For the Finance Committee (Bill D, Jeffrey F, and Mary Jo L.) some of the things we have discussed overlap with other committees. We are aware of that and endeavor to approach things primarily from the financial/risk management perspective, which is our mission.

We continue to discuss setting up additional cost centers. We hope to start with the European Committee, which is something Jeffrey is working on with that committee. That will require determining an appropriate budget. As part of that discussion, we are exploring options for how funds will be handled most easily.

In advance of presenting any proposal to the Board on this matter, Bill spoke with our Accountant about how to most easily set up these cost centers without making things too complicated. Bill is also working with our office staff on how we might implement Media Mail.

We have begun a discussion about the general fiscal policy that’s included in the OPPM and will be suggesting enhancements to that document.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer and Board Member