ACA members accepting the call of service work provide the energy we need to do the good work of ACA around the globe. There could easily be 300 million adult children in the world, so the work ahead remains steady. But we make progress each day. p.536

 In the month of February, I traveled 3400 miles on a road trip vacation for half of the month. It was a struggle at times to keep up with daily service, but I was able to manage it. I was even able to visit the Office in California where all I had to say was “Hi, I’m Vonnie” and I was greeted with smiles, hugs and a tour. In February, we received 388 requests. I emailed 508 answers. As for telephone calls, we got 94 that I returned using Skype for anonymity.

International connections made this month:

Poland Belgium Australia Denmark Finland Thailand Taiwan  Bahrain Nigeria Hong Kong Israel  New Zealand South Africa Austria Vienna 

Remarkable events:

———–ACA Teen: The Las Vegas meeting forwarded their format to me for use in any way we can help other groups. They placed their 2nd literature order with 5-8 Teens attending. For service, there is one male and female adult at each meeting. 

 ———–Intergroups: I went through intergroup requests for several months and gave the contact information for the project of Intergroup Bylaws that is happening now. Florida has  a chair, secretary and a treasurer, a fundraising committee, website committee, and an outreach committee. OH is forming an Intergroup, they’ve met 3 times.

sent Majbrit: 8 requests.

I sent Joan: 7 requests and 1 or 2 to MaryJo.

I sent Gloria 25; a higher number this month, I chose to not do the meeting verifications and confirmations and meeting change emails this month. 

———–Public Information related:

(The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre Gail Apple Institute is hosting a workshop in Toronto, on March 28, 2014 on Shopaholics: Understanding and Treating Compulsive Buying requested our attendance, I asked for flyer and details and am waiting before bringing to board). A psychotherapist and a mental health employee requested literature and I arranged for MPS packages to go out. Several professionals reached out for support for their clients and we sent MPS packages. I updated the Mental Health 2014 Resource Guide. 

———–Events: 4 Events were posted this month. 

———–Member requests: A member wrote a book and requested permission to reprint the LL and with board concurrence and very careful wording requirements, it was okayed. There were many requests for a S. CA conference for registering, housing etc. A member asked if she could post one page a day of our meditation book on a blog. A few members pointed out that our events page is out of date, I sent the correct link and asked them to disregard the old link, and I emailed Scott and Larry 

—–Common comments:

Do you have a sponsor list? I need to find a meeting for my family member. Treasury questions are quite common. Where’s the Comline? Can we have other literature on ebook? Can someone tell me if the meeting I want to go to is there for sure? Crosstalk, meeting issues. Can WSO help our meeting get insurance?