Monthly EC Skype Meeting

Saturday, July 4, 2015

14:00 p.m. CET

A.  The meeting was called to order with the serenity prayer.



B. Roll Call of European Countries: Majbrit, Denmark, WSO European Chair

                                                               Martin, UK, WSO Trustee

                                                               Will, Munich, Germany, EC Secretary

                                                              Tiana, Cologne, Germany

C. A quorum was established


D. EC Members Reports:  were not yet possible because there were not yet formal country representatives. 

E. Guests Introductions:

Tiana – Cologne, Germany

F. Committee Reports:

1. EC Chair, Majbrit 

There were some difficulties putting an agenda together in advance, due to increased work with the Signal Hill DC office. In general, it would be good to discuss with members in Finland which literature is needed for the upcoming European Meeting from 28-30 August in Helsinki. International literature orders have proven to be somewhat unreliable when shipping from the US to Europe: some orders have not arrived, or even been sent back. As the Finns have literature in their own language, what literature is needed in English? How can we arrange the transport of the literature, and how do we get the books back to the US, if need be? 

To simplify administrative tasks, the EC chair needs a budget for books for the European programs. Majbrit currently has a budget and the programs have a budget, but she must spend her own money and then be reimbursed. It would make more sense to have money advanced for the specific administrative tasks. 

As for the rest of Europe, the first face-to-face meeting has opened in Athens, Greece. Estonia is also getting its first English-speaking meeting (which could be listed on the UK website). The Norwegians are working on translations. The Norwegian have been informed about the European meeting – which might help create a region. The Danes and Swedes have put up a link to the European Meeting in Finland on their website, so people can sign up. The link is http://acaeuropeanmeeting2015.webnode.fi/

2. UK, Martin

The fellowship is slowly growing. London has four meetings now. Two new meetings have opened up in the rest of England, and the Scottish meeting is offering a weekend event in November. Martin will see if they want more notice within the rest of Europe.

3. Cologne, Germany – Tiana

There was not much to report at the time of the call. Tiana was happy to be a part of the meeting and on the call. 

4. Munich, Germany – Will

Munich currently has two English-speaking meetings. It is also possible for these meetings to be listed on the UK website, which also lists English-speaking meetings outside of the UK on request. 

G. New Business:


  1. There was a request for more members to serve on the European Committee. As the fellowship in Europe is growing, having members support at the European level would benefit everyone involved. The European Committee is going to consider how to best get the information out there to members in Europe, to spread awareness to those who may be interested in doing this kind of service. 
  2. The WSO Board decided not to subsidize the European Meeting in Helsinki, but Finland has organized some funds themselves: now they would need support with a banner, at a cost of between 70-80 euro, and then a lot of flyers to distribute. The EC has asked members in Finland to call in to discuss this topic in more detail. 
  3. The basic business topics for the European Meeting were discussed. In summary, literature fulfilment may come through Amazon; the costs are currently being weighed. We might also have direct access to Amazon in Europe. The other possible printer might be too expensive. The European Meeting should make a firm request to resolve the topic of shipping, as well as other financial matters affecting the Region (i.e. 7th tradition donations to be kept to build up a service structure). The UK will sponsor the creation of a Region along with another Intergroup to try to set up a structure to serve Europe. The Danes were excited, so the topic of a Region will be taken back to Denmark to see if they can sponsor it, once Denmark is properly re-registered as an Intergroup. In any case, the European Committee will continue and liaise between the Region & the WSO. It was proposed to discuss this further in Helsinki. 
  4. Majbrit will be in Sweden during the next WSO call, so Martin will read the EC Chair report if it’s sent to him in advance.
  5. There is an open invitation for members in Europe to join the World teleconference on the second Saturday every month, at 8 pm CET. You can use the following access number for the Teleconference: 712-432-0075, Pin 427266#. Press *6 to mute or un-mute. NB: dial the international country calling code 001 beforehand to ring into the USA meetings.
  6. For future agenda items, the EC Secretary is able and willing to prepare a document in advance. The EC Chair can then post it to say we have this European teleconference on the WSO events page, with an agenda. 
  7. An additional possibility would be to communicate an agenda to the Intergroups directly beforehand. The EC Secretary would then need an ACA email address and a recipients list. As the various meetings are still in the process of establishing official Intergroups, it may be helpful to send the agenda to individual members who have expressed interest in the European Committee, unless of course they would prefer not receive more information moving forwards. 
  8. Possible agenda for the next European Committee call :The topic of reimbursement for travel costs for European Committee members was brought up. Will is the elected EC Secretary and is willing to act as Secretary at the Helsinki business meeting. The question is if the WSO Board or the European Committee will pay to reimburse travel expenses. The European Meeting is thought to be a working session, so Martin will discuss this with the WSO Board.  
    1. Establishing a Region
    2. Committee finances 
    3. European Meeting in Helsinki
    4. Shipping ACA literature
    5. How to most effectively contact an Intergroup to inform them on how to set up a region OR, call into the European meeting. 
  9. EC members will try to stay in the same hotel. The trusted servants may discern the best lodging option for the service work they need to do over the weekend. It is in the interest of the fellowship as a whole for the trusted servants to conduct the business meeting from a place of being well rested and in a good state of mind. As such, it also makes sense for them to look for good, appropriate accommodation for the task at hand. 
  10. Last thoughts and closing comments:
    1. Martin – Majbrit has a lot to do; Majbrit asked for help with an agenda and the budget. (Majbrit will speak to MJ about the budget). Martin will contact Scott to set up the email accounts for a secretary – Will. (Majbrit also needs a secretary, as it takes so much time to answer emails, etc.)
    2. Majbrit – For the Danish workbooks brought back from Texas, she wants to be able to use the cash; MJ says this needs to go back to the account. Martin to see if Majbrit can have a petty cash account. Majbrit’s most important task is to get the message out there not to spend too much time on administrative red tape. She feels constricted in how to do MPS. Maybe have a prepaid card? This sounds like a good idea. Martin to send an email.
    3. Will – Many thanks to Martin for helping with taking the minutes, so Will could work the Skype account for new people wanting to call in. 

Announcements: The next EC Skype Meeting is scheduled for                                  at 14:00 p.m. CET. 

The meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.