We have several exciting projects in the works and are grateful for the enthusiastic teams of volunteers who are helping shape the future of ACA. To volunteer, or to learn more, email [email protected].


Committee chair Charlie H. provided the Literature report at the Annual Business Conference in Malmo, Sweden. The written Literature Committee report is available in the ABC delegate binder, at the ABC Committee repository page. Delegate binder link:

The Literature Committee also provided additional information in the New Literature, and introduced a motion by the Addressing Predatory Behavior working group, to approve a safety card for meetings.

After extensive discussion, ABC delegates approved the following motion–that the Addressing Predatory Behavior working group convene at least two open discussion sessions, available to all volunteers, and revise proposed literature about victimizing behavior inside and outside ACA meetings. Following WSO board approval, the revised literature will be made available to the fellowship by September 2019, so that groups can test it and provide feedback to WSO. The working group and Literature Committee will incorporate fellowship suggestions as needed, and bring a final document back to the 2020 ABC for Conference approval.

The committee included a report on activities of the Sponsorship Working Group, and provided information about new translations and projects under development. This additional information is in the ABC delegate binder, in the New Literature and Special Reports section. Delegate binder link: 


The quarterly Literature Committee call is held the first Saturday of each quarter at 11:30 a.m. eastern US.

Past Literature Committee meeting information is at

2019 Literature Committee Quarterly Meeting Dates are as follows:

Saturday, 5 January at 11:30 am ET
The recording and notes from this quarterly call can be found at

Saturday, 6 April at 11:30 am ET
The recording and notes from this quarterly call can be found at

Saturday, 6 July at 11:30 am ET
Saturday, 5 October at 11:30 am ET


The July access information will be published in the June Literature Committee report. The committee is seeking to switch from a conference call format, to improve screen sharing, video, and other online tools.


The WSO Board has authorized the Russian fellowship to print another 1,000 copies of the Russian BRB translation. The fellowship has sold 2,500 copies.

In recent months, WSO has published three new translations of the Yellow Workbook: in German, Swedish, and Russian. Final proofreading work is being done on the Greek Yellow Workbook. In April, a final design was submitted for a new Danish translation of Strengthening My Recovery, ACA’s daily meditation book, and publication is scheduled for May.


The Literature Evaluation Subcommittee is seeking volunteers to review manuscripts and project ideas submitted from the fellowship. A next call is being scheduled for late February.

The Sponsorship Working Group is meeting on the first Saturday of each month. The goals of this group are:

  • to explore issues related to the mentoring and sponsorship of recovering adult children,
  • to deliver a report and action plan to WSO Board and ABC by March 15, 2019, and for posting on our website.
  • to work with WSO Committees (Literature, MPS -Membership and Public Service) and anyone else to turn the report’s findings into a reality.

The group is now being led by Justine F. To join this group, please send an email to [email protected].

The Getting Started introductory text is in progress. The development team meets monthly on the first Saturday at 1 pm eastern US. The outline has been completed, and drafting of chapters is progressing. This group is being led by Charlie H.

The Loving Parent Workbook (LPW) project is in progress. The project is currently not accepting volunteers. The group leader is Bonnie M.

The ACA Bill of Rights subcommittee is in reviewing material to develop an ACA Bill of Rights for consideration as fellowship-approved literature. This is an important document, as many adult children approach life from a “less than” position. This group meets on the third Saturday of each month, at 11:30 am eastern US. The group is led by Rich R.

Ready Set GO!! (RSG). This workshop project was approved at 2018 ABC. Sample design pages incorporating telephone and one- to two-day sessions are being prepared. The final approved design will be implemented in formatting the book.

In keeping with the Literature Development Policy, this workshop material will soon be available for review. Final author edits and developments are complete. This book is ready to go into pre-production and design.

Please be aware that to participate in any Literature Development Subcommittee project, we must have received your completed, signed Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to the project launch. A nondisclosure agreement can be downloaded from


International demand for literature is growing. Several groups are translating core literature into the languages of their childhood.

With guidance from Majbrit M., translation subcommittees are contacting each other to develop a best practices model for a systematic approach to translating WSO literature. For example, we find that it is best for translators to work with the support of an intergroup. The European Committee has begun a call on the first Saturday of odd-numbered months that focuses on translators’ needs.

Free literature in English and other languages can be downloaded from our site at

Any ACA member or group downloading free literature is asked to kindly make a one-time voluntary 7th Tradition contribution of USD10.00 or more as a token of appreciation for the downloadable trifold service.

If you choose to make a one-time voluntary contribution, please include a note letting us know that the contribution is made by a grateful member for this download trifold service. In either event, we graciously thank you for your support and help in carrying the ACA message.

Free downloadable literature can be copied for ACA meetings or personal use.


April issue of the ComLine is now available!

The ComLine is our quarterly publication where members from around the world share their experience, strength, and hope on the 12 Steps, Traditions, and Promises of ACA. To view current and back issues, please visit the ACA ComLine web page at

Our next regular issue will be published on July 1, 2019. Traditionally, shares cover Steps 5, 6, 7 and Promises 5, 6, 7.

Deadlines for submissions is May 31, 2019.

Please email your story along with a scan of the completed, signed ComLine Copyright Release Form to [email protected].

Shares should be between 250-300 words. For more information and to find out how to share your experience, strength, and hope, see


We are currently reviewing suggestions for new literature and changes to existing literature. Development, review, design, and publication of new literature are time-consuming; major projects can take years to complete.

Evaluation involves a wide range of ACA members and viewpoints. In proposing new ACA literature, an author should be motivated by service, and surrender any notion of personal ownership.

The WSO Literature Development Policy outlines procedures for submitting a proposal for new literature or to change existing literature. The policy outlines the evaluation, development, and production processes. It provides criteria guidelines for members considering a proposal, as well as a timetable estimate.

The literature development policy can be found at


Sales for April were 66 books. Total sold is 2,111 e-books.

BRB E-book

Sales for April were 237 e-books. Total sold is 17,226 e-books.

BRB Audio Book

Sales for April were 188 a-books sold. Total sold is 5,725 audio books.

Sincerely yours in service,

Charlie H., Chair, Literature Committee
Robin R., Literature Committee Staff
Majbrit M., Chair, Translation Subcommittee
David McB., Chair, Business Operations Subcommittee
Jeffrey F., Chair, International Literature Subcommittee
Mardi M., Editor, ComLine